South African's celebrate Heritage day or Braai day on Saturday the 24th of September and this year promises to showcase thousands of gathering folks around the fire. This tradition is shared by millions of people of different races and backgrounds. Since you are only as good as your last braai, you can always learn from those who have been doing it for years. Here are the 5 tasty braai day videos to remind you how it should be done on Braai Day, which is also Heritage Day.

1. Sing along to the National Heritage day or Braai Day Anthem – Die Heuwels Fantasties

The National Braai Day (also known as Heritage day) anthem performed by Die Heuwels Fantasties, JR, HHP and the Soweto Gospel Choir. 


2. Jan Braai knows his braai and tells us why

According to this braai champion Heritage day or Braai day is about creating a common national day of celebration. Let's see what Jan Braai's mission is with having the longest continuing braai in the world.


3. Braaiday is not Friday

Proudly South African! In preparation for South Africa's National Braai Day, held 24 September every year, comedy duo 'Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues' recorded and shot a music video to parody the viral sensation that was Rebecca Black's "Friday".



4. Live and let Braai

Because everyone has that one family member who seriously needs some braaing skills…

5. "Serious men's business"

Here it is –  the official South African Braai Etiquette guide to use on Heritage day or National Braai day.