With the towering Table Mountain ever presents and various other breathtaking mountains not far from the centre of the city it’s no wonder that rock climbing is a popular pastime in the mother city of Cape Town, South Africa.

From indoor climbing gyms to challenging ominous peaks and cliffs to more friendly climbing areas suitable for the whole family it’s no wonder there is a lot to offer the urban adventurer, we decided to pick 5 just to make your decision that much easier next time you’re looking for a bit of climbing adventure not far from the urban life of one of Africa’s most sought after tourist destinations.

Getting there

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City Rock – Cape Town

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City Rock situated conveniently in Observatory Cape Town is a great place in which to really engage with the climbing community of Cape Town it’s also indoors so your climb will never be dictated to by unfavourable weather patterns.

The venue also has a coffee shop and climbing gear store so you can pick up any specialist climbing paraphernalia that you might need as well as socialising with fellow climbers. They pride themselves in being passionate about climbing with impeccable service. For more information visit their website.

Hangtime gym


This is a Cape Town climbing gym like no other boasting both indoor and outdoor climbing facilities for all levels and expertise and what’s also nice is they have branches in both Pinelands and Bellville respectively catering for the climbing community of these two particular areas.

This makes it a breeze if you don’t live near to the foothills of any other mountains or other indoor climbing establishments, according to their website they ‘aim to take the intimidation out of climbing and offer a friendly, safe, supportive environment for you to enjoy this fantastic sport. With experienced staff, and coaching available, we want to help you be the best climber you can be. We also offer kids’ parties, corporate days and team building’. For more information visit their website.

Silvermine Crags


This is widely regarded to be one of the best if not the best climbing areas in the whole of the Cape Peninsula area. This is widely due to the variety and vast assortment of climbing areas within the location. The Silvermine Crags consists of somewhere around 80 routes to choose from they all have different grades for the various levels of climbers.

Table Mountain


The famed Table Mountain really has a world of quality outdoor rock climbing places just below its towering peaks. Providing some of the most breathtaking views you might ever see anywhere on the face of the planet.  No bolting is allowed due to Table Mountain being a national monument so this is something to bear in mind before you go climbing in this area.

Lions Head


Lions Head is one of the most popular hiking areas in the city of Cape Town for various reasons. Yet there are also great places in which to do some rock climbing. Its close proximity to the central business district of the city makes it an extremely accessible place in which to rock climb so get out there and experience this iconic part of Cape Town.

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