Blooming marvellous - Namaqua National Park

The Namaqua  National Park lies 495 kilometres from Cape Town and closes to the little town of Kamieskroon, just off the N7 route to Namibia.

Also known as the Succulent Karoo, it’s also rich in bulb flora and over 1000 of the estimated 3500 plants species that occur here are found nowhere else in the world. Namaqualand includes the Atlantic Ocean, from where it extends all the way to the small town of Pofadder in the east, the Orange River to the north and beyond the little village of Garies to the south.

The timing of the flowers and how many will bloom changes every year but it’s guaranteed that sometime between August and the middle week of September the dusty land will spring to life and for a few vibrant weeks, this low-rainfall desert is completely transformed.

There is a circular drive perfect for the spring flower season with viewpoints along the route. Encounter a number of short nature trails, picnic sites and see the world’s smallest tortoise – the Namaqua Speckled Padloper. Rent car in South Africa to experience the Inland area.