There is no doubt about it, whether you volunteer for an organisation in your home town, or travel into Africa to lend a helping hand, the benefits are massive. The benefits of working for a non-profit organisation (NPO) can extend to your community, your family, and even into your home if you’re volunteering in your own town. Volunteering in another country is just as rewarding in terms of personal growth and the growth you’re facilitating in the country you’re helping. While volunteering is an admirable pursuit, helping others live better lives, it can also help you nurture skills and develop yourself in ways you may not have thought possible. If you are looking for transport to or from activities or events, you might want to have a look at car hire South Africa for your travel needs.

1. Connecting with other people

connecting with people Volunteering allows you to connect with people from all walks of life The networking opportunities you’ll have from volunteering can help bolster you in other areas of your life. By helping your community better itself, you and your fellow volunteers are recognised as part of the much-needed glue holding the fabric of society together. This will help you to make connections while boosting your social skills and adding contacts to your professional network. Whether you just want to connect with people, strengthen existing relationships, find like-minded individuals, or make friends, volunteering is the course for you.

2. Create career opportunities

It’s not unheard of for a paid position to become available to you after you have made yourself an invaluable member of staff. Reliable manpower can be hard to come by, giving you a foot in the door to potentially make some money. Eventually, if a vacancy is made available, you may even be granted an official position along with a full salary.

3. Enhance your skills and abilities

By volunteering in an organisation, you’ll be honing existing skills while learning new ones at the same time. You’ll be exposed to new situations and areas that require a unique train of thought and problem-solving ability. This will not only boost your competency, it will also allow you to identify any personal points that you need to work on. Once you know where your knowledge or aptitude needs work, you can start to do this, developing new skills as you go along.

4. Increase your marketability

Working on your skills Volunteering will give you a chance to acquire new skills Once you’ve got some experience, you can wow potential employers with your updated CV. Not only are you likely to impress them with your array of skills, experience and social strengths, you’ll also come across as committed and passionate. Volunteering shows you’re willing to work hard toward your goals and that you have a purpose, which is a major strength in the business arena.

5. Try out career ideas

If you’re interested in a certain line of work, but aren’t sure that it’s what you want to do for the rest of your life, volunteering is perfect for trying it out. If for instance, you think you would like to become a nurse, you could try working at a nursing home. This will give you an idea as to what your future prospects could be. Gain all the benefits of volunteering and help change lives for the better while you do so, in any NPO in your area and beyond.