Cape Town is a city of the outdoors and many travel far and wide to experience these outdoors areas in their entirety. Most know of hiking trails up places such as Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. Yet many will also not know that there are many alternative routes to choose from. Some harrowing and some simple and enjoyable for the entire family, here are five lesser-known hiking trails to explore in and around the mother city.

Getting there

Many of these hiking trails are quite near to each other – however; Cape Town is a big city so if you’d like to visit most if not all of these trails it’s best to hire a car. Hire a car in Cape Town and get out there exploring all these fantastic hiking trails.

Lion’s Head Loop

This is the perfect afternoon walk/hike for those wanting to be in the midst of natural splendour but also not wanting to hike for days to achieve this. Also, a noteworthy part of Cape Town great for walking dogs the hike takes one through beautiful pine forests, indigenous veld, a protea forest with spellbinding views of the city and ocean below. There is a steep drop at one of the sections nearing the road so please behave cautiously when navigating these sections.

Table Mountain Contour Path

This is a surprisingly low energy hike situated near not far from the popular Table Mountain hike which is definitely on the bucket list of most who venture to Cape Town to explore the nature of the area which is abundance everywhere. The path does join with the more popular route up Table Mountain Platteklip, however, if you so wish you are welcome to carry on with your journey through the breathtaking Newlands Forest.

Devil’s Peak


This hike is fairly close to other more prominent hiking areas nearby, however, it differs for the fact that one gets views of both sides of the city leading all the way to the Southern Peninsula. The hike has become a popular alternative to people hiking in the table mountain area inspiring people to even name certain products after the area. Make your way to Tafelberg Road and look the Devil’s Peak sign.

India Venster


This hike is quite a bit trickier than Platteklip Gorge and the sign warn hikers of the possible dangers of using this route as opposed to the other less challenging ones. However, if hikers do decide to use this route they will be treated to some of the most spectacular views in the area. You won’t be disappointed but please be careful and keep your wits about you as you will have to navigate some steep sections.

Kloof Corner Hike


Described by many as the hardest route up Table Mountain for so many reasons hence one has to do adequate preparation if you wish to go on this hike. Don’t be fooled as hiking accidents are a real thing and it’s strongly advised to go on this hike with at least one other experienced hiker who has completed the route before. It does promise to have some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see however centrally not for the squeamish or ones scared of heights.

If you plan on going on an adventure to these majestic locations from another part of the country, you might want to use a vehicle to get there. Car rental South Africa would be a great place to start looking for the best wheels to get you there.