More travellers planning a holiday to South Africa are choosing a self-drive safari as their method of travel as it provides the ability to customise your holiday to suit their own personal needs. Kruger National Park located in South Africa is one of the most recognized game reserves in Africa, offering an exceptional wildlife experience. If you’re keen to explore South Africa, here are five reasons why you should go on a self drive safari in South Africa.

A self-drive safari in the Pilanesberg Safari Park close to Sun City provided these wildlife enthusiasts with some amazing sightings of elephant, wildebeest, rhino, eland and so much more.

A self-drive safari is also a great honeymoon option, as this couple exploring the Addo Elephant Park shows us in this clip. If you’d like to experience this for your honeymoon, be sure to rent your car well in advance, as it can easily get forgotten in all the wedding plans. Besides, car hire in South Africa is really easy.

Want to know what to expect while self-driving through the Kruger National Park? Lauren Ziemski gives us a sneak peek into what it’s like.

This self-drive safari clip includes an amazing encounter with a massive male lion drinking at a waterhole in the Kruger National Park which starts at around 1:12 in the video. PS. Please make sure that your doors are locked and that your windows are rolled up in this situation!

Guiding your own vehicle through the Kruger might seem daunting, but the wildlife experiences and sightings will remain with you for a lifetime. Consider car hire South Africa for affordable and easy rentals.