Over the years, South Africa has prided itself on being one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Africa. The country is home to some of the world’s most diverse cultures and is surrounded by beautiful tourism destinations. From the excellent sandy beaches of Cape Town to outstanding mountain hikes, the country still has much more to offer, including the most exhilarating 4×4 trails.

Here are four of the Highest 4×4 passes in South Africa

Carlisle Hoedspruit Pass | Eastern Cape

Are you contemplating about something remote, exciting and breathtaking? Think Carlisle Hoedspruit Pass. Situated in the Eastern Cape Highlands, the pass composes of eight differently crafted steep mountains, some of which are out to challenge your driving skills. Be ready for one of the most exhilarating but intriguing experiences of your life. After all, there must be a reason for avid bikers to have interest in this place. The surrounding villages of Rhodes and Tiffindell make perfect landing points to check out the passes and get a glimpse of what they entail. Houses here are traditional, and most of them turned into accommodation homes.

Ben MacDhui Pass | Eastern Cape

 Having set the record of the highest altitude of 3001 meters in South Africa, Ben MacDhui Pass is known to have a cold climate even during summer. The pass comprises of rough trails which can become challenging to beginners. Unpredictable weather conditions make it a more challenging experience. The area is beautiful and possesses so much to explore. Being in close vicinity of Rhodes village makes it even more worthy with various guest houses such as Lovedale Guest Farm, Kinamel Guest Farm and much more to choose from.

Volunteershoek Pass | Eastern Cape

 The Volunteershoek Pass acts as a connection between the Wartrail farming valley and the Tiffindel Ski Resort. With a length of 9.6 km and an extremely steep pass, the trail is only open to 4×4 drivers with no compromise on high range. The weather is also unpredictable most of the time, so one needs to be prepared for both friendly and extreme conditions. From snow to strong winds, the experience might be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.

Naude’s Nek Pass | Drakensberg

If you are anticipating an adventurous experience at whatever season of the year, then Naude’s Nek Pass makes the perfect destination. The pass presents challenging slippery drives during winter but also introduces chilling bends with big sharp stones that could be challenging even for experienced drivers. The pass can be accessed from Rhodes to Maclear and offers a series of activities such as flyfishing and hikes. If you need a reliable vehicle to travel in between these passes, book a vehicle with car hire South Africa today.