Take a drive along the N2 between George and Port Elizabeth in August and you`ll find yourself driving through a garden of total splendour!

The different colours of green, the beautiful bright colours of all the kinds and species of Protea , Heather, and other `fynbos` is an amazing sight to see!



When you drive through the `Kaaiman`s Pass towards the WILDERNESS coastline, be sure to stop in the parking bay on your right,  for in August to September you will be able to watch the graceful, ghostly crescents of surfacing whales, while listening to the rhythmic motion of the sea. When confronted with a scene of quiet beauty time is unimportant so one naturally relaxes into a state of calmness and humility.

Be sure to contact car rental George if you are considering a self-drive trip.

Be sure to turn into the village and you`ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the wide variety of coffee shops and restaurants ! – Anne du Plooy