Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid left side view.

Hire a Hybrid For a Healthier Planet

With the cost of fuel going up every other month, motorists are feeling the pinch every time they have to fill up their tank.

Not so with owners of hybrid vehicles, who are seeing drastically reduced fuel consumption numbers while enjoying an eco-conscious way to get around.

Hertz Goes Hybrid

Car rental company Hertz have gone so far as to replace all their account managers’ company cars with the relatively new Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, a vehicle they now also offer their clients. Toyota are old hands at hybrids, having introduced their Prius 27 years ago.


Above: Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

All their experience has been brought to bear on the Corolla Cross model, and the result is a comfortable and spacious drive with a low carbon footprint.

Hertz is aiming to have a 50% hybrid fleet by 2030, and if the Corolla Cross’s performance is anything to go by, that goal doesn’t at all seem far-fetched.

Where Efficiency Meets Adventure

A dynamic fusion of eco-friendly performance and rugged versatility, the Corolla Cross redefines what it means to drive a hybrid SUV. Hailing from the esteemed Toyota Corolla lineage, this exceptional vehicle combines the iconic reliability of Toyota with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Side view of a Toyota Corlla Cross Hybrid.

Above: Side view of a Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

Sleek lines, sculpted curves, and an elevated driving position give the Corolla Cross a sporty appearance, and the well-crafted interior is both functional and stylish.

Under the hood, a petrol and electric motor work together harmoniously (and very quietly!) to deliver smooth and responsive performance despite an economical drive.

Drive Different with Africa’s Leading Car Rental Service

Thanks to its close and long-standing partnership with Hertz, Drive South Africa is proud to be able to offer its clients access to the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

With fuel consumption between 4.8l and 5.1l/100km, loads of luggage room, seamless acceleration, CarPlay/Android Auto, and reliable performance, it’s the perfect option for your next hybrid rental car, whether you’re planning on traveling in the city or heading out on the open road. Get the friendliest, hassle-free hybrid rental booking from Drive South Africa, Africa’s leading car rental service.

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