How to Prep for the Robertson Wacky Wine Festival

The Wacky Wine Weekend takes off on the 7th- 9th of June 2019, in the Robertson Wine Valley. The event has become a wine institution and the highlight of social calendars, both locally and internationally, attracting wine connoisseurs, novices, families, and friends.

Wacky Wine Weekend

Wacky Wine Cab and Chard in the valley

This year will be no different.  The Robertson Wacky Wine Weekend celebrates its 16th anniversary and over 30  wineries and tourism establishments, from Ashton, Mcgregor, Bonnievale, and Robertson, are joining in on the celebrations.

Here’s what you need in preparation for the weekend…


Wacky Wine Cheers at Zandvliet Wine Estate.


Central Accommodation

Firstly, make sure you book accommodation well in advance. Secondly, make sure the accommodation you choose is central to the events or wine farms you would like to attend on the weekend. Nothing worse than having to drive and drive and drive until you finally arrive at your destination.

Pack a comfortable jacket and shoes

Besides the wine and hearty cuisine, these are the most important items you will need to have a fun and comfortable weekend. The Wacky Wine Weekend takes place in winter and you will most likely encounter moist, cold weather. A good jacket and comfy shoes are a winning recipe for enjoying your weekend.

Pack extra cash and save some boot space

You’re most likely to encounter a wine farm you’ve never experienced or a bottle of wine you’re yet to taste and decide to but a whole crate for yourself or some family or friends. Always make sure you have some extra cash since your Wacky passport only provides you with six tasting coupons per wine farm. Then…make sure you have some extra boot space to secure your stash.

Drink loads of water

It is important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re consuming loads of alcohol.  Keep a bottle of water stored in your vehicle or transfer service and make sure it’s always filled up.


Always have a responsible driver, who is cautious and vigilant. Drinking and driving are not endorsed by the Robertson Wine Valley and its partners. There are alternative transport arrangements that can be made, including transfer services between farms and your accommodation.

Plan your weekend

It is a great idea to plan which farms you will be visiting and on what days you would like to experience them. If you have favorites, prioritize them, but make sure you experience some of the valleys hidden gems as well.

Leave the couch potatoes at home

If you’re coming to the Wacky Wine Weekend for some R & R, you’re at the wrong event. The Wacky Wine Weekend is filled with experiences and activities for the whole family. Get ready to explore new things and incredible experiences.

Have fun!

Well, you’re already halfway there!

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