The mountains and valley that are now part of the reserve were once home to the local African tribes of the San. These were hunter-gatherers that lived off the produce of the land. They left records of their customs, belief, and celebrations in the form of rock art – which can still be seen and enjoyed by visitors today.

Anysberg is a 4-hour drive from the capital of Cape Town and is surrounded by the Karoo towns of Montagu, Ladismith, Laingsmith and Touwsrivier.

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Its setting makes for spectacular views throughout the reserve. The rich vegetation and expansive areas mean that the Anysberg Nature Reserve is also the ideal habitat for a number of different wildlife species. These include the duiker, gemsbok, steenbok, red hartebeest, black-becked jackal, zebra, caracal and 180 different bird species. However, leopards are spotted on rare occasions in the mountains.

The Anysberg is a fantastic spot for hikers who want to explore the landscape without having to stick to formal trails and camps. There is also a guided horse trail, that takes two days to complete and offers an overnight camp as well as a number of cycling trails for mountain bikers.

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