Jesse’s Cape Town adventure steam rolls on, and despite issues with South Africa’s sluggish internet speed he’s managed a comprehensive Mother city experience and a thorough social media account of his experiences, discoveries and emotions as he shares his trip wit his fans and followers across a variety of mediums.

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72 Hours in Cape Town

Jesse’s experiment and experience is central to many of the themes discussed at the 2010 E-Tourism Africa Summit taking place next week in Cape Town, exploring how technology and travel complement each other, how technology enhances travel and how travel promotes technology.

I think the most remarkable aspect of Jesse’s 72 hours is the real time emotional ride you get to join him on, I find myself inspired by a tourist to further explore my home town. Video clips conveying snippets of experience, photos with comments, reactions, thoughts and words of encouragement, admiration and kinship. It’s fantastic how much camaraderie an online community can foster. Great experiment!

The rate at which technology and social media evolve is staggering at least, and while technology aims to make our lives easier, the galaxy of avenues to share our experiences can leave one overwhelmed. Although there isn’t a one size fits all in terms of platform or device there are several favorites that we’ll be exploring later next week in our report on the 2010 E Tourism Africa Summit.

For a full account of what can be accomplished in Cape Town in 72 hours visit 72 Hours in Cape Town’s Facebook page, catch him on twitter.

Enjoy the weekend!

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