MapStudio’s Botswana Adventure Road Map

The Botswana Adventure Road Map is an ideal travel companion for travelers heading to the unspoiled, clear deserts and deltas of Botswana. The map provides you with tracks that you will not find on a standard map. These tracks are quite often off-road giving you the chance to explore the remote destinations of Botswana  Botswana Adventure Road Map includes highlights of destinations that travelers will most likely visit while they are there. It highlights the capital city Gaborone, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Moremi Game Reserve. If you have a bit of extra time in your hands, you may like the fact that the map highlights the Victoria Falls, which are located quite close to the Botswana border making them easily accessible from there.

The map of Victoria Falls is a clever addition by MapStudio

5 Reasons why you should get the Botswana Adventure Road Map

  • It is in full-color and very and easy to read
  • It provides you with enlarged maps of Gaborone and the featured Victoria Falls
  • It shows you places of interest such as national parks and wildlife reserves
  • It gives you GPS coordinates at major intersections
  • It is light and comfortable to travel with as you can just fold it and slip into the plastic folder provided.

A detailed map of the Okavango Delta

Thumbs up or down?

Definitely a thumbs up. I love how detailed the Botswana Adventure Road Map is and the addition of off-road tracks is a real winner for any adventurous Botswana 4×4 traveler. The map also provides lots of varied opportunities for exploration and you may even cut down on travel time by taking a shortcut from one destination to the next.  I also like the fact that the map is available in print as well as in a downloadable Digital ePDF format for the more technologically inclined – which I thought was a nice touch. MapStudio has been the leading publisher and distributor of maps, travel and lifestyle publications in Africa for over 55 years and in Botswana Adventure Road Map they have yet again given another reason to revel about their maps.

Get the Botswana Adventure Road Map

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