Namibia Photographer of The Month - Rian van Schalkwyk

Our first photographer for March and it could not have a better pick.


Rian Van Schalkwyk


A little about Rian, firstly he is not just a photographer but also a medical doctor. If you have had a look at his photography you can see his medical skills are helping him get those precise, well-timed photos that any professional would be happy with.


Rian and Nina

Rian started shooting in 2013 where he lived on the banks of the Kavango River in the north of Namibia. He has made some semi-recent travels in 2019 with his 4-year-old daughter, Nina  who has traveled with Rian all around Africa for 9 months. After travelling so extensively, Rian decided to do a little more with his photography and it led to starting a photographic safari business.


Landscape shot Namibia by Rian Van Schalkwyk

Rian has enjoyed and loved wild animals and nature since he was a child. He would venture out to the African bush where he had found the passion of photography which opened up a whole new world. Rian has stated that he hopes from all the photos that he has taken, will inspire others to appreciate nature as much as he does.

Rian has also stated that he does indeed love Namibia for its scenery. This stems from the barren Namibian desert to the semi tropic Okavango which Rian particularly likes because at the Okavango there is always something to photograph.


Stunning Namibia shot by Rian Van Schalkwyk

Rian cannot find a favourite animal to photograph, because he loves all animals in their natural habitat. However, he does have a liking for elephants because there are so many different ways to capture them in a photograph.

Rian had also exclaimed that he had recently ventured out to the vast genre of landscape photography which has taken him to many more beautiful Namibian vistas.


Rian’s favourite lodges are all inside the Etosha National Park. He also says that they are not fancy lodges but they will give you the special opportunity to get to the animals very early when the light is at its best.

Another stunning shot by Rian van Schalkwyk

Now, there is no time to waste so get on following Rian van Schalkwyk on Facebook and Instagram, his details can be found on his website linked here.

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