Feeling like that spare tyre just won’t shift after the festive season? Does the thought of hamstering away on a treadmill sap all your inspiration?

Pehaps it’s time you indulged in the Cape Peninsula’s etheral beauty and join South African ultra marathon prodigy Ryan Sandes and his fleet footed wingman Ryan Scott on a mellow 8km run.

Ryan Sandes Running
[photo by Nick Muzik]

Don’t worry, they assure us this isn’t ultra marathon training or an exercise to demonstrate how far off the marathon pace one is. Instead, it’s an opportunity to run alongside the world’s leading ultra marathon runner at a pace that doesn’t make you feel like bakkie at F1 Grand Prix.

Ryan Sandes ultra marathon runner
[photo by Nick Muzik]

Here’s a video of the outting starting and finishing at Vida Constantia

The next Ryan2srun will take place in February, stay tuned for details or follow @ryansandes to keep abreast of what he’s getting up to and what events are on his horizon.

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