The Splashy Fen started in 1990 and has since then brought thousands of people together for the annual outdoor music experience.

Splashy Fen 2011 Music Festival

This year you can spend four days with great music over the long weekend falling during the Easter holidays, 21st – 25th April.
Every day there will be artists performing on several stages. Catch musicians like Kissed By Katie, The Otherwise, Simon Shaw, Black Math and many many more.

Swimming and showers, medical services, pharmacy and a host of facilities are all available on location. Besides music, there will also be other activities like fishing, hiking, swimming. Regarding food, food stalls for all tastes, a beer garden and a wine bar are all amply stocked.

For further details visit splashyfen.

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Splashy Fen 2009 Music Festival.

Date: 21st – 25th April 2011.
Location: Himeville, Underberg District, Drakensberg.
Price: Ticket price link.

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