The Big Five Bird Species in the Kruger National Park

The Kruger national park is a 20,000 km2 park located in northeastern South Africa. It is among Africa’s largest safari nature reserves. While it is home to hundreds of mammals, it is known for its iconic Big 6, which involves species indigenous to the region. We’ve listed all five of them:

1. The Kori Bustard

The Kori Bustard, also known as the Ardeotis Kori is an Otidiforme originating from Southern Africa. It is known as the heaviest flying animal in Africa. Male Kori Bustards, which weigh about twice as much as the female, are stunning to behold, with its sheer muscle and gracious posture. The Kori Bustard can be viewed in the Kruger National Park

2. The Martial Eagle

As the sole member of the Polemaetus family, this large, endangered predator is known as one of Kruger’s most prized bird species. The Martial Eagle is an opportunistic predator. For this reason, it is routinely killed by farmers in the Southern African region. In order to be protected, it needs to be provided with a safe home in which it may hunt for food, this has made the Kruger Park the perfect home for this regal eagle.

3. The Lappet-faced Vulture

Also known as Nubian Vulture, the Lappet-faced vulture is a heavily feathered predator bird that has been classified as a member of the ‘old world vultures’. Its cape-like plumage gives it the constant appearance of a crowned crane wearing a fur cape, but in spite of its enticing appearance, the lappet-faced vulture is a ruthless predator.

4. The Fish Eagle


The Fish Eagle is among the most famous birds in Africa. It is the national bird of Namibia and Zimbabwe. It is a twin to North America’s iconic bald eagle, but as its name suggests, is renowned for its ability to dip at impressive speeds, mid-flight to catch fish in nearby waters. Its striking feather-less face, coupled with its snow-white tail and chest make this luxurious creature stunning to behold in its natural habitat.

5. The Saddle Billed Stork

This Ciconiidae bird is only found in sub – Saharan Africa. It is most famous for its remarkable plumage. This huge, multi-colored stork has a particularly long, red and black beak and golden yellow irises. Its aesthetic beauty makes it particularly memorable. The Saddle-billed Stork is a favorite of avid bird watchers and safari lovers visiting the Kruger National Park. .

Should you want to experience the wildlife at the Kruger National Park, make sure you are fully equipped to observe its stunning birds in their natural habitat. The Kruger Park’s Big Five offers a spectacular experience for game watchers. Book a vehicle at car hire Centurion for your trip to one of South Africa’s most prestigious nature reserves.