A self-drive safari is beneficial for various reasons as you get to travel at your own pace and see as much as you would like to see without being dictated to by someone else’s schedule. It gives you the option of going to unexplored parts of the country in which you are visiting. So why not get some friends together and get out there in a 4×4 or camper van and explore the world on a self-drive or family-friendly safari.

Here are five essential items you have to pack when going on a self-drive safari.

Mini first aid kit

First aid kits are a very important item to take along on your trip, especially if you plan on driving through remote areas. A first aid kit will assist you in treating a minor injury and reduce the risk or severity of a series one. Make sure you pack a first aid kit for your next trip. 

Insect Repellent


Unfortunately, many destinations around Africa are still malaria heavy zones so if you are planning on going to more remote areas insect repellent is as important as clean running water. It is advisable to consider taking insect repellent depending on the severity of the area.

Camera Equipment

Our world is indeed a really beautiful place and when you’re presented with the opportunity to capture a picturesque moment, you should definitely take it. Pack spare batteries too, you are on a self-drive so the likelihood of you having someone with any spare batteries or camera equipment might not be possible.

Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses


Another item that might seem pointless if you are used to the weather patterns of Europe, however, Africa is a continent of extreme weather patterns and a lot of sunshine this is definitely something to consider when wishing to travel through an African self-drive safari. Sunburn can be a lot more uncomfortable than expected.

 Good walking shoes


This is an extremely important the last thing you want to get is blisters on your feet whilst exploring. If you have space it’s also advised to pack a spare pair if possible as shoes can become rather sweaty and smelly. There will be little opportunity for washing shoes so also make sure you pack lots of spare socks.

Neutral clothing


There are many reasons for wearing neutral clothing whilst on a self-driving safari, firstly if you wear white, there is a good chance of that your clothes will become increasingly dirty and this will attract unwanted attention from wildlife. It’s also believed that certain types of colours can actually deter certain types of animals and insects.

Getting around

Doing a self-drive safari of this magnitude will probably mean you will have to hire a 4×4 or camper van as a normal wheel drive won’t suffice. If your trip starts in from the Cape Town international airport will be your best bet of achieving this.