Fast rapids, gorges with high sheers, wild animals, and fascinating scenery: The name Zimbabwe exudes adventure. Below you will find the top adventure activities offered in this fascinating country.

Water related activties

The fast rapids on the Zambezi invites one to hop on a boat and go white water rafting. The Zambezi’s white water rafting is considered one of the best rafting spots in the world. Most rapids are ranked as Grade 5, which is extremely fast considering that Grade 6 is “unrunnable”.

Once you have decided to throw yourself into this adventure you will need to figure out whether you want to make it a day trip or whether you want to extend this adventurous tour to 8 days of extreme adventuring.

Zambezi white water rafting
[photo by Christopher Jensen]

The crazy ones may also try the river boarding, which can be combined with white water rafting. The adventure starts by getting fully equipped with a body board, a wetsuit, a life jacket, and a helmet. Some instructions will be given to you, and then off you go conquering some of the world’s biggest sweet water waves.

Compared to rafting, river boarding leaves all the responsibility up to you. The guide can assist with tips but in the end it’s all on you to ensure your own safety and fun.

Try it, surf the waves and defeat the impressive Zambezi.

Another exciting way of discovering the lower Zambezi with all its wildlife and beautiful landscapes is to enjoy a canoeing tour. Paddle down the rapids or spot your first wild hippo herd, you will be overwhelmed by the images the Zambezi presents to you.

Experienced guides will assist you with not drowning, preparing food or building up the camp sites in case you decide to expereince a multiple day trip.

Height related activities

In case you are more of a height junkie, the Vic Falls also offers various adventure activities to satisfy those desires.

You might want to try a bungee jump off a 111-metre high bridge over the Zambezi to get your adrenaline rush. It’s a unique experience, which will probably require some mental overcoming, but once done will cause great pleasure. Really important here is to know that the bridge is located in no-mans-land between Zambia and Zimbabwe. So if you decide to go bungee jumping, don’t forget your passport or otherwise you might have to spend a night on the bridge.

Bungee Jump from Zambezi Bridge
[photo by Cordelia Persen]

If you think a single bungee jump will not satisfy your adrenaline demands, try the so called “adrenaline day”: this entails a combination of abseiling, zip line, the flying fox and a gorge swing. All activities can also be booked as single activities. However when booking the adrenaline day you can try any of the activties for as often as you can handle it.

To know what to expect from the single activities, here a short description:

  • Abseiling means that you move down a sheer facing upwards. If this is not enough, try the rap jump, where you face towards the ground while moving 120 meters downwards.
  • Zip line means that you zip across the Zambezi on a high wire for spectacular 425 meters and enjoy great views on the river.
  • Almost as impressive as the bungee jump is the cable gorge swing, which is situated at a 75-metre height and spans over the gorge. After all safety checks have been completed, you jump off a platform, free fall for 50 metres, to end up swinging gently over the impressive gorge.
  • Last but not least, the Flying Fox will complete the adrenaline packed day. It is a cable slide situated 120 metres above the ground. You will be attached to a special harness so that when using the slide it will feel like you are “flying” over the Zambezi.

All in all, Zimbabwe packs quite a punch in the adventure realms. All that is left to do is decide for yourself which activity you want to try out, and enjoy every moment to the max! Most travellers opt for car hire when travelling to Zimbabwe.