What are my cost options if I’m travelling by camper through Namibia?

Travelling through Namibia in a motorhome has most of the same cost implications as with a 4×4. Namibia is very camping-orientated and camping is significantly cheaper than staying in self-catering cottages, hotels or lodges. Motorhomes can also be much more comfortable along the coast where morning fog is common, and during the desert winters when temperatures can drop below freezing. The more remote areas will be off limits in a non-4×4 motorhome, but as with a regular car, you can still see many of Namibia’s most famous attractions, including The Skeleton Coast, Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon and Etosha National Park. Unfortunately, most of Namibia’ campsites charge per person not per stand, so there’s usually no discount available for groups. If the cost of hiring a motorhome works out about the same as a 4×4, then consider the 4×4 to be better value as it’ll allow you to explore wilder areas where campsites are cheaper or you can camp wild for free. If total isolation is not for you, then a motorhome is much more comfortable and practical than a regular car. You’ll have to offset this against the increased fuel consumption and hire cost, but if you camp and self-cater every night then all other costs are equal and it’s just a question of how long you plan to stay at Etosha, and the other more expensive national parks.