Khutse Game Reserve falls directly across the Tropic of Capricorn, a 2,500km2 bump that extends off the southern border of the much larger Central Kalahari Game Reserve. It’s a little out of the way, and often overlooked by self-drive visitors, but offers beautiful Kalahari grassland between a handful of seasonal pans. The region is very similar to Mabuasehube further south, although here the pans are further apart and there’s even less permanent water available. There are five main camping areas inside the park, all operated by Bigfoot Tours. The largest is at Khutse Pan with 10 separate campsites and the remaining camping areas are strung out along a single oval-shaped loop, which the only game-drive route inside the reserve. Khutse is great for wild, isolated camping and as a staging post for those braving the long track north into the Central Kalahari.


Khutse is beautiful throughout the year, but game can be scarce during the long, dry winter. The Kalahari’s black-maned lions do pass through the region, but sightings are rare compared with the parks to the north and south. The best reason to visit Khutse Game Reserve is for its wild isolation. The campsites are usually quiet, with plenty of space and privacy, and nights are spectacular under the incredible Kalahari stars.

Practical advice

March to May are considered the best months in Khutse, when there’s still some surface water to attract wildlife, but the roads around the pans are becoming less muddy. There’s just one gate in the east and the access road is well-graded gravel. There’s also a trail heading north from the park into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, but it’s very overgrown and extremely sandy, and not recommended unless you’re really looking for adventure. If you do take this route, then make sure you have enough fuel. There are no fuel stations or supplies from Letlhakeng to Ghanzi. That’s almost 600km, most of it deep sand, which will have a major impact on your fuel consumption. It’s much quicker and easier to take the A2 highway north, but either way you’re unlikely to need more than two or three days to get the most out of this park. If you would like to inquire about our 4×4 rental options, one of our consultants will readily assist with any questions you may have.