Black rhino Northern Damaraland’s Palmwag Concession covers around 5,000 km2 of pristine semi-desert wilderness and is home to a number of rare, desert-adapted species, such as lion, elephant, giraffe and black rhino. Palmwag is a private concession, run in collaboration with a number of conservation and local community organisations. Palmwag Lodge has rooms and an excellent campsite, and there are other wilder designated camping areas inside the concession.


Uniquely adapted desert elephants Palmwag is a fantastic safari destination. The wildlife can be elusive, but that only makes the sightings even more rewarding. These are some of the last free-roaming, desert-adapted animals in the world and it’s a very special experience to find them in their natural habitat, against such a spectacular backdrop of rocky peaks, golden grasslands and twisting canyons. This is one of the few areas in the world where black rhino numbers are increasing, and it’s a magnificent place to see them in the wild.

Practical advice

Relax and unwind at Palmwag From the north and south, the C34 is well-graded gravel, but inside the concession the tracks are rough and the riverbeds strictly 4×4. You’ll need to buy an entry permit at Palmwag Lodge and once within the concession camping is only permitted in certain areas. Driving off the main tracks is forbidden and you’ll need to be completely self-sufficient and take all refuse with you when you leave. Palmwag is a great place to relax and unwind. Give yourself at least a few days to properly explore the region.