Southern Africa Camper Travel Advice


Southern Africa offers limitless opportunities for exploration. The continent’s diverse culture, natural beauty, and abundant wildlife provide endless adventures. Exploring this region with a Drive South Africa rental motorhome or campervan allows you to travel at your own pace on a self-sustaining holiday. Carry everything you need with you, take your time, and enjoy all that this magical continent has to offer.

Freedom Offered by Campervan Rental

Renting an RV in Southern Africa is a comfortable way to explore the open road. At the end of a day’s drive, there are no tents to pitch or campsites to set up. Our RV rentals are fully equipped, self-contained vehicles that hold everything you need for your trip. All you need is your touring party, food, and a sense of adventure before setting off in your RV.

Key differences between 4×4 rental and camper hire

4x4s are all-terrain vehicles designed for off-road travel, with additional height clearance, low-range gearing, and four-wheel drive traction. Fully equipped 4×4 rentals come with all the necessities for off-road safari and camping trips, including pitching tents at each destination.

An RV, campervan, or motorhome is a self-contained vehicle providing both sleeping accommodations and transport. The level of features can vary from a simple sleeper vehicle with a small kitchenette, power supply, and portable toilet, to a luxurious recreational vehicle with hot showers, air conditioning, and an indoor toilet. While some of our RVs are 4×4, they are not always designed for off-road trails and may have restrictions on the type of roads you can travel on.

Hiring a camper in Southern Africa

Drive South Africa offers a range of RVs for your African holiday, from basic 2-berth campers to large 6-berth campervans. A holiday in a motorhome is ideal for travellers with time on their hands who prefer a home away from home with some luxury and creature comforts while exploring Africa. If travelling by camper rental is your ideal mode of transport, we have an RV for you.