Go on a Southern Africa Self Drive Holiday

Explore South Africa, Namibia & Botswana.

camper or motorhome hire in southern africa

Our Recommended Camper Vehicles for Southern Africa

Toyota Single Cab 4×4 Trax Camper TX

A self-drive with our Toyota Trax 4×4 is ideal for the traveller looking to explore this majestic country on their own terms.

The Toyota Trax is a two sleeper 4×4 equipped vehicle. It is comfortable, reliable and efficient and offers a truly wonderful way to tour and enjoy all that Johannesburg has to offer.

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2 Berth Camper

South Africa has a great variety of camping sites for your Southern African road trip pit stops. Renting a 4×4 camper eliminates the hassle of looking for suitable accommodation to match your travel itinerary.

This 2 berth 4×4 camper is ideal for two people travelling. It is built on the popular Ford Ranger 4×4 classic chassis, with a six speed manual or automatic gear box. Inside you will find a main bed and fitted kitchen. Packing space is generous.

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Discoverer 4 Berth Camper

The Discoverer 4 berth camper is a popular option for a family of four travelling. It sleeps four adults or two adults and two children comfortably and has all the luxury and comfort needed for your trip. There is air conditioning in the drivers cabin and in the rear living area.

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Discoverer 6 Berth Camper

Exploring Namibia by camper is an unbeatable way to see the delights of this magnificent country.It also gives you the liberty to access places off the beaten track.

We recommend the Discoverer 6 berth Camper for your trip. It is ideal for 6 adult passengers travelling. The living area is air conditioned. There is a bathroom, shower and wash-up bin too.

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Southern Africa Camper Travel Advice


Southern Africa’s potential for exploration is practically infinite. The continent’s diversity, culture, natural splendor and abundant wildlife are enough to quench the most insatiable thirst for adventure. Seeing this continent from a rental camper or motorhome is an excellent way to travel at your own pace in a self-sustaining holiday. Carry everything you need with you, take your time and enjoy all that this magical continent has to offer.

Freedom Offered by Campervan Rental

Camper hire in Southern Africa is a comfortable way of exploring the open road. At the end of a day’s drive there are no tents to pitch and no campsite to set up. Camper rental through Drive South Africa is a fully equipped self-contained touring car, holding everything you need for your trip, all you require is your touring party, your food and a sense of adventure before setting off in your camper.

Rental of these vehicles does have a few restrictions. It really depends on your itinerary and preferred route as to whether a campervan or a 4×4 camper will suit you best.

Key differences between 4×4 rental and camper hire

  • 4x4s are all terrain vehicles designed to go off road, with additional height clearance, low range gearing and 4-wheel drive traction. Fully equipped 4×4 hire come with all the necessities for off-road safari and camping trips. You’ll need to pitch your tents and strike camp at each destination.
  • A Campervan, caravanette or simply a camper, is a self-contained vehicle providing sleeping accommodation as well as transport. The degree to which a campervan is fitted out with features can vary from a simple sleeper vehicle with a small kitchenette, AC power or hook up cable power supply and portable toilet, to an elaborate recreational vehicle equipped to luxurious standards with hot showers, air conditioning and an indoor toilet.

While some of the campervans we rent out are 4×4, these campers are not always designed for off road trails, and there may be restrictions on the type of roads you can travel on.

Hiring a camper in Southern Africa

Drive South Africa supplies a range of Camper hire vehicles for your African holiday from a basic 2-berth camper up to a large 6-berth campervan. A touring holiday in a motorhome is a favorite of travellers with time on their hands and preferring a home away from home and a some luxury and creature comforts while exploring Africa. If traveling by camper rental is your ideal mode of transport we’ve got a campervan for you.