Camper Hire in South Africa

Camping seems to be one of the only ways in which modern humans can connect with nature and the outdoors. South Africa has some of the best areas on earth to camp, naturally setting up tents day in and day out for the duration of a few weeks doesn’t really seem like much of a holiday. Do not fear Drive South Africa is here to provide you with Camper Hire South Africa. It really is as simple as filling out the form below or contacting one of our sales and travel experts for advice on the best camper van for the you’re ideal, South African camping adventure.

Best time to visit

This really is entirely up to you, camping seems to be more popular in the natural areas or national reserves around the winter months where game viewing game is more optimal this is usually from around May to August.

Coastal areas seem to more popular in the summer months. However the campsites around the beautiful beaches can get very crowded if you don’t like crowds this is something to consider. If you want a bit more of a secluded camping experience it might be better to travel in Autumn slightly out of season, many of the Eastern coastal regions still receive temperate weather during the winter months.

Around the area

South Africa is a land of world class beaches, breathtaking mountains and some of the most captivating wildlife that can be found anywhere on the planet. Camping is the best way to experience South Africa, some noteworthy destinations with great camping include the Kruger National Park, Entabeni Game Reserve, Kapama Game reserve, Balule Nature Reserve, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park and the Cederberg area which has many well established camping areas and the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. These are only a few of the great places to enjoy camping in South Africa.

Getting around

If you’re main objective is to go on the best camping trip possible whilst visiting South Africa, Camper Hire South Africa is by far your best option as many of Drive South Africa’s extensive range of Camper vans come equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure you get the most out of South Africa. There really is nothing like being out in the open with good company and having the convenience and luxury of a great camper van.

Length of stay

If you wish to go on an extensive South African camping adventure you really need minimum 3 weeks. However this really won’t be enough time as there really are so many absolutely captivating places to see and enjoy the outdoors. You might want to consider arranging a longer visa before departing, just in case. Make sure you check the visa requirements before leaving your home country to see how much time you are allowed to spend in South Africa.

What to pack

Unfortunately airlines will limit you in terms of how much you are allowed to take on the flight so you might have to buy the bare essentials when you get to South Africa such as basic cooking utensils, sleeping bag and tent. This is where Camper Hire South Africa will come in handy as many of the Camping Vans which are available through Drive South Africa will have these facilities on board on your luxury camper.

If not you can always buy a tent or sleeping bag at one of the extensive camping outlets in South Africa some of the more popular ones include Cape Union Mart, Mr. Price Outdoors or Game Stores and camping gear can be surprisingly affordable.

Where to stay

Western Cape

Western Cape could be arguably the most popular destination in South Africa for international tourism, so many of the areas nearby are geared for camping and tourism. Must see places close to the main city of Cape Town include the picturesque Garden Route, the Cederberg area and the West Coastal region which all have facilities for camping.

Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is a lot more of a rugged province then the Western Cape with a lot more untouched locations where a camper van or 4×4 will come in handy. The Eastern Cape really is a great place to explore untouched beauty and it being slightly warmer than the Western Cape makes it a great destination for brilliant camping.


The weather in KwaZulu-Natal is far warmer than the other provinces but with this also comes more rain and more green areas to explore. Durban the largest city is also a gateway to other great destinations in the area such as the Drakensberg Mountains and the world class beaches of the North and South Coast of KZN, where there are many great camping areas to explore.


The Gauteng province is a lot smaller then KZN or the Western or Eastern Cape; however this hasn’t stopped it from being the commerce capital of South Africa with two major sprawling urban areas not far from each other (Johannesburg and Pretoria).

Why hire a camper in South Africa with Drive South Africa

So with Drive South Africa’s leading sales team just waiting to make sure your perfect South African trip is just a click or phone call away. We are here to help you in every way to achieve this with Camper Hire South Africa. There’s a reason why South Africa is often voted as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and what better way to properly experience this then through Drive South Africa’s extensive range of campervans.