The cost of a South African road trip

What are my cost options if I’m travelling by 4×4 through SA?

Hiring a 4×4 will obviously cost more than a regular car, but there are some advantages, and potentially even some savings, especially if you’re more than two people, and having the vehicle enables you to camp. 4x4 vehicles are extremely versatile and a great option for a camping-based adventure Camping is by far the most affordable option, especially if you’re in a group. Fees are often calculated per site, which usually allow up to six people each. Expect $8 to $12 per person if you’re one or two people, or down to $4 per person if you fill the entire site. Good self-catering starts at around $30 to $40 per person and a two-sleeper bungalow in Kruger National Park is $100 or more, so the savings can add up quickly for every night you camp. 4x4s also have the added advantage of being that little bit higher off the ground on game drives, plus there’s the four-wheel drive itself which will get you into every corner of the country.

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