Toll Roads in South Africa

When driving in South Africa, it’s not uncommon to find yourself on a toll road which will result in you having to pay to continue on its path. In most cases, paying a toll is usually more cost-effective than taking a round trip to avoid it. By taking the longer, toll-free path, you’ll only be costing yourself more time and petrol.

You need to be aware of these tolls and pay points in order to have cash on you as only some of them will have debit and credit card facilities.

South African Toll Gates and Fees

Chapman's Peak, the N1, N2 and the N4 are the various toll rates in South Africa. In the table below you'll find a breakdown of every toll gate and its rates for the various vehicle classes. 

Chapman's Peak is one of the toll roads in South Africa. Photo: Warrenski

* Chapman’s Peak – If you’re in the Cape, you may find yourself wanting to visit the exquisite and recently reconstructed Chapman’s Peak Drive (the actual road that takes you around the mountain). This will lead you directly into the suburbs of Noordhoek where you can explore the quiet local environment, including relaxed pubs and farmers markets where you can experience the most magnificent mountain views. But before you get there, you’ll have to pay a toll to go along Chapman’s Peak Drive overlooking Hout Bay. It will cost you approximately R33.00 in a car.

* The N1, N2 and N4 – This large national road has a number of toll points, however this is across a large part of the country and therefore not unreasonable. It covers the towns of Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Musina. At the Huguenot Tunnel you’ll pay R27.00 while the Verkeerdevlei toll stands at R39.00 and the Vaal R35.00. Along the N4 you’ll find points along the route of Zeerust, Rustenburg, Pretoria, Witbank, Nelspruit, and Komatipoort. The Middelberg Pass is R43.00 while the Quagga is only R3.00, so it is not all high-price doom and gloom.

* The N2 runs through Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, East London, Umtata, Durban, Empangeni, Piet Retief, and Ermelo. The N3, on the other hand, goes through the following South African points: Johannesburg, Harrismith, Pietermaritzburg, and Durban (The King Shaka Airport). While the scenic Tsitsikamma toll point costs R36.00 to pass through, the Tongaat stop is only R8.00.

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Chapman's Peak R31.00 R124.00 R311.00  
N1 – Huguenot R27.00 R75.00 R117.00 R190.00
N1 – Verkeerdevlei    R39.00 R78.00 R117.00 R164.00
N1 – Vaal   R45.00 R85.00 R103.00 R137.00
N1 – Grasmere (Main)  R14.00 R41.00 R48.00 R63.00
Grasmere (South Ramp) R7.00 R20.50 R24.00 R31.50
Grasmere (North Ramp)   R7.00 R20.50 R24.00 R31.50
N1 – Stormvoël   R6.40 R16.00 R18.50 R22.00
N1 – Zambesi R7.60 R19.00 R22.00 R27.00
N1 – Pumalani  R8.00 R20.50 R24.00 R29.00
N1 – Walmansthal R3.80 R9.50 R11.50 R13.00
N1 – Murrayhill    R7.60 R19.00 R23.00 R26.00
N1 – Hamanskraal   R17.50 R61.00 R66.00 R76.00
N1 – Carousel R38.00 R102.00 R113.00 R130.00
N1 – Maubane R16.50 R44.00 R49.00 R56.00
N1 – Kranskop (Main)      R31.00 R78.00 R104.00 R128.00
N1 – Kranskop (Ramp)  R8.50 R23.00 R27.00 R40.00
N1 – Nyl (Main) R39.00 R74.00 R89.00 R120.00
N1 – Nyl (Ramp) R12.00 R23.00 R27.00 R35.00
N1 – Sebetiela R12.00 R23.00 R29.00 R38.00
N1 – Capricorn R32.00 R87.00 R102.00 R127.00
N1 – Boabab R31.00 R83.00 R115.00 R138.00
N1 – Beitbridge toll fee payable, related to current exchange rate        
R30 – Brandfort  R31.00 R62.00 R93.00 R131.00
N2 – Tsitsikamma (Main)  R36.00 R91.00 R217.00 R307.00
Tsitsikamma (Ramp)  R36.00 R91.00 R217.00 R307.00
N2 / R61 – Izotsha  R6.50 R11.00 R16.00 R27.00
N2 – Oribi (Main)   R20.00 R36.00 R50.00 R81.00
Oribi (South Ramp)     R9.50 R17.00 R23.00 R36.00
Oribi (North Ramp)    R11.00 R19.00 R27.00 R50.00
N2 – Umtentweni  R8.50 R15.00 R21.00 R35.00
N2 – Tongaat R8.00 R16.00 R21.00 R31.00
Tongaat (South Ramp)  R4.00 R8.50 R11.00 R16.00
Tongaat (North Ramp)  R4.00 R8.50 R16.00 R11.00
N2 – King Shaka Airport    R4.00 R8.50 R13.00 R17.00
N2 – Mvoti Main R9.50 R26.00 R35.00 R52.00
N2 – Mandini R5.00 R9.50 R12.00 R16.00
N2 – Dokodweni  R13.00 R27.00 R31.00 R42.00
N2 – Mtunzini (Main)    R32.00 R61.00 R72.00 R108.00
Mtunzini (South Ramp)  R26.00 R49.00 R59.00 R86.00
Mtunzini (North Ramp)  R6.00 R12.00 R14.00 R22.00
N3 – Marianhill R8.00 R15.00 R19.00 R28.00
N3 – Mooi River (Main)  R35.00 R86.00 R120.00 R163.00
Mooi River (South Ramp)    R25.00 R60.00 R84.00 R114.00
Mooi River (North Ramp)  R11.00 R26.00 R36.00 R49.00
Treverton   R11.00 R26.00 R36.00 R49.00
N3 – Bergville    R15.00 R18.00 R33.00 R50.00
N3 – (Tugela Main) R50.00 R83.00 R130.00 R180.00
N3 – Tugela (East Ramp)  R31.00 R51.00 R76.00 R106.00
N3 – Wilge  R47.00 R81.00 R108.00 R153.00
N3 – De Hoek    R34.00 R53.00 R80.00 R115.00
N4 – Nkomazi R48.00 R97.00 R141.00 R203.00
N4 – Machadodorp  R64.00 R176.00 R256.00 R366.00
N4 – Middelburg R43.00 R92.00 R140.00 R183.00
N4 – Ekandustria East  R15.00 R23.00 R32.00 R64.00
N4 – Valtaki East  R20.00 R28.00 R41.00 R92.00
N4 – Diamond Hill R26.00 R36.00 R67.00 R111.00
N4 – Cullinan R11.00 R18.00 R26.00 R43.00
N4 – Donkerhoek   R8.50 R12.00 R18.00 R34.00
N4 – Quagga R3.00 R5.50 R8.00 R11.00
N4 – Pelindaba R4.00 R7.50 R11.00 R14.00
N4 – Doornpoort Main  R10.00 R25.00 R35.00 R29.00
N4 – K99 R10.00 R25.00 R29.00 R35.00
N4 – Buffelspoort   R10.00 R24.50 R27.00 R32.00
N4 – Marikana R15.00 R36.00 R41.00 R49.00
N4 – Kroondal  R10.00 R24.50 R27.00 R32.00
N4 – Swartrugggens R71.00 R177.00 R215.00 R253.00
N17 – Gosforth R8.50 R23.00 R25.00 R35.00
Gosforth (East Ramp) R4.00 R14.00 R16.00 R21.00
Gosforth (West Ramp)    R4.50 R9.50 R13.00 R17.00
N17 – Dalpark R8.00 R16.00 R21.00 R29.00
N17 – Denne  R6.50 R13.00 R18.00 R23.00
N17 – Leandra   R25.00 R63.00 R94.00 R125.00
Leandra (Ramp) R15.00 R38.00 R56.00 R75.00

*Please note that the above rates are applicable to the year of 2012 and is subject to change.
* F
or more information on toll fees, you may contact Sanral on this link: 

  • Class 1 = Light vehicles
  • Class 2 = Medium heavy vehicles
  • Class 3 = Large heavy vehicles
  • Class 4 = Heavy-duty vehicles

Factors That Affect Pricing on Toll Roads in South Africa

The toll roads in South Africa are along the major routes with toll fee charges ranging from R3.00 per vehicle up to R500.00, depending on the classification of the vehicle. Vehicles are classified into four classes. Class one includes all light vehicles with or without trailers. These include motorcycles, motorcars, minibuses and light-delivery vehicles.

Medium heavy vehicles fall under class two. These are two-axle vehicles which are designed to seat more than 16 passengers. It can also be defined as a vehicle which has an axle that is fitted with tyres with a bead diameter larger than 406.4 mm.

The large heavy vehicles or vehicles with three or four axles fall under class three. On the other hand, the extra-large, heavy-duty vehicles are classified under class four. Vehicles with more than four axles fall into this category. On the off chance that you are in something this intimidating, you’ll pay a bit more than average. Most travellers drive in light vehicles and will therefore find they will pay reasonable toll fees in South Africa. Most will cost you the equivalent of buying bread, milk and a packet of cigarettes.

If you want to sidestep the toll roads and go off-road, you need to check out the best 4×4 trails in South Africa.

You can be rest assured that getting across the country is one of the most incredible trips you will ever experience and that it’s best to use the toll roads in South Africa to do so. This way, you’ll avoid long, roundabout trips when you’re travelling with a specific destination in mind. Happy trails!