When planning a holiday to Namibia, your first and most important consideration should be how you’re going to get around. First decide what kind of experiences you want to have and then choose your vehicle accordingly. Many of the highlights can be visited in a regular car (such as the Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, Etosha and The Skeleton Coast), but large areas are 4×4 only and it’s these remote wilderness regions that make Namibia so special and in many respects, unique.   Namibia is a huge, outdoors-orientated country and you’ll be doing a lot of driving and, probably, a lot of camping. The more confident you feel on and off road, and the easier it is to set and break camp, the better time you’ll have. A self-drive holiday will mean many hours spent in your vehicle, but keep distances manageable and try not to drive for more than five or six hours a day – and definitely never at night. Build some redundancy into your itinerary. There’s always the chance of a puncture or some other delay hampering your plans. Small local campsites are common and usually don’t need to be booked, but be aware that popular places like Etosha National Park get very busy during peak season and these definitely need advanced booking, especially if your dates aren’t flexible.