Car Hire in Maun Town Centre, Botswana

For travellers planning to explore Botswana’s renowned attractions, Maun Town Centre car rental from Drive South Africa is without a doubt the way to go.

A top tip would be to hire a 4×4 in Botswana for the best experience.

While this town is not the capital, it is the heart of the country, acting as a stop-over route for travel to the Okavango Delta, Moremi, Makgadikgadi and other destinations.

Makoro in Botswana on the Okavango Delta

Makoro Botswana

But while Maun may not always be the primary focal point on trips to this part of Africa, it has enough of its own charm to offer a surprising number of highlights.

Derived from the San word ‘maung’, which means ‘the place of short reeds’, this town has a unique blend of modern facilities, dated buildings, mixed facilities ranging from shops to petrol stations, traditional villages, bush surrounds and loads of accommodation options.

After collecting your car rental in Maun Town Centre, be sure to check out local sights such as the Nhabe Museum, Maun Game Reserve, Thamalakane River and Okavango Swamps Crocodile Farm!

It is always a good idea to make sure you rent a car with high clearance or hire a 4×4 in Maun for the best possible car for your adventure.

If you are flying into Maun you could even rent a vehicle straight from the airport by hiring a car at Maun airport


Travel Sustainably in Botswana

Affordable Car Rental in Maun Town Centre

Whether you are passing through en route to the deserts of the Kalahari or planning a Big 5 safari in the spectacular national parks and game reserves of Botswana, hiring a car is a great way to explore at your own pace.

Why wait for tour buses, or worry about organising public transport when you can enjoy your own car for your travels? Through a network of trusted rental companies, Drive South Africa offers great deals on both short and long term rentals, helping you save a bundle too.

The ultimate Botswana safari self-drive

Lions in Botswana Maun

Choose from snazzy standard cars, luxury rides, spacious vans, comfortable SUVs, rugged 4x4s and many other options.

If we don’t offer the vehicle that you require in Maun, we’ll happily source the vehicle of your choice and have it delivered to Maun for you.

Hiring a caravan or hiring an RV in Botswana could be a good choice for your trip to Botswana to save accommodation costs.

Once payment has been done, your booking will be confirmed. After that, all you need to do is head to the nearest branch on arrival to collect your Maun Town Centre car rental.

If you are looking for a car in South Africa for the best and cheapest car rentals in South Africa you could use Drive South Africa again to sort out all of your car rental needs.

How old must I be to hire a car in Botswana?

Most suppliers require you to be 21 as an international driver and 23 for Botswana drivers, you are also required to have held a valid license for at least 2 years before hiring a car.

There are various options depending on the supplier so please contact us if you are below this age and need to rent a vehicle when hiring a car in Botswana

How does the rental deposit work when Renting a car in Botswana?

When you hire a car in Botswana, if you have chosen a package with an excess then you will be required to have he full excess value available on your credit card for a deposit. If you return the vehicle without any damages then this amount will be refunded to you. If repairs are required or parts need to be replaced then you will be charged the correct amount and any remaining funds will be refunded to you.

No matter what package you have chosen you will be required to pay a rental deposit. This varies from P735,26 to P.1470,51 depending on which supplier is used. This deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is returned on or before the agreed date and time with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle requires re-fuelling then you will be charged for this and the remaining funds will be refunded. If you return your vehicle late without contacting Drive South Africa then you will be charged for the additional days at the supplier’s extension rates.

What is required to rent a car in Botswana?

When you’re hiring a car in Botswana, you just need a debit or credit card.

At the rental counter, you’ll need:

  • Your passport
  • Your voucher
  • Each driver’s driving licence
  • The main driver’s credit card (some rental companies also accept debit cards, but most don’t).

Important: Please make sure you check the car’s rental terms as well, as each rental company has its own rules. For example? They might need to see some extra ID. They might not accept certain types of a credit card. Or they might not rent to any driver who hasn’t held their driving licence for 36 months or more.

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