The Border Post Map above shows the closed and open borders for South Africa as of the 17th of March 2020. Drive South Africa takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information as this may change. Please contact the specific border post before travelling there.
If you have information on a border post being open or closed please email us at and we’ll update this information.
Still planning on travelling? You can still do your 4×4/camper adventure you just need to ensure that you’re travelling through the correct border post. Below is a list of border posts being shut down due to the novel coronavirus. (Source: Business Insider).

The sea ports to be closed:
– Mosselbay
– Saldanha

Land-based border posts to be closed:
Namibia border
– Alexanderbay
– Onseepkans
– Rietfontein
– Sendelingsdrfit

Botswana border
– Bray
– Derdepoort
– Gemsbok
– McCarthys Rest
– Middelputs
– Mokopong
– Mokgobistad
– Platjan
– Pondrift
– Stockpoort
– Swartkopfontein
– Tweerivieren
– Zanzibar

Mozambique border
– Pafuri
– Giriyondo
– Kosibay

eSwatini (Swaziland) border
– Bothashoop
– Emahlatini
– Josefsdal
– Nerston
– Onverwacht
– Waverley

Lesotho border
– Boesmansnek
– Makhaleng Bridge
– Mononstha Pass
– Ongeluksnek
– Pekabridge
– Ramatsiliso
– Sanipass
– Sephaphus Gate
– Tellebridge

Botswana Border Posts’ Locations

Namibia – Botswana Border Posts

Namibia Border PostOpening HoursContact NumberGPS Coordinates
Mamuno/Buitepos07:00 – 18:006592013/659206422°16’93”S 19°59’48”E
Muhembo/Shakawe06:00 – 18:00687550518°15’642”S 021°45’719”E
Ngoma Bridge07:00 – 18:006236002/625073617°55’538”S 024°43’244”E
Impalila Island07:00 – 18:007130341817°45’52”S 025°11’30”E

Zambia – Botswana Border Posts

Zambia Border PostOpening HoursContact NumberGPS Coordinates
Kazungula Ferry06:00 – 18:002150420/65171717°47’625”S 025°15’737”E

Zimbabwe – Botswana Border Posts

Zimbabwe Border PostOpening HoursContact NumberGPS Coordinates
Kazungula Road06:00 – 18:00215032017°48’911”S 025°15’715”E
Pandamatenga08:00 – 16:00623202918°32’949”S 025°37’593”E
Ramokgwebana – Plum Tree07:00 – 20:00248926625°38’319”S 025°34’440”E
Matsiloje – Mphoengs06:00 – 18:002483205
Maitengwe06:00 – 18:002986272

South Africa – Botswana Border Posts

South Africa Border PostOpening HoursContact NumberGPS Coordinates
Pont Drift – Mashatu07:00 – 16:00015-575 105622°12′53″S  29°08′18″E
Platjan08:00 – 16:00015-575 104022°29′08″S 28°50′01″E
Zanzibar08:00 – 16:00014-767 102422°34′19″S 28°27′59″E
Groblersbrug / Martin’s Drift08:00 – 18:00014-767 101922°59′53″S 27°56′31″E
Parr’s Halt – Stockpoort B08:00 – 18:00014-763 458623°24′10″S 27°21′24″E
Sikwane – Derdepoort B06:00 – 19:00014-778 072524°38′33″S 26°24′13″E
Tlokweng Gate – Kopfontein06:00 – 00:00018-365 905524°42′23″S 26°05′38″E
Ramotswa – Swartkoppie06:00 – 22:00018-365 901024°52′21″S 25°52′57″E
Pioneer Gate – Skilpadshek06:00 – 00:00018-366 001125°16′32″S 25°42′50″E
Ramatlabama06:00 – 22:00018-390 253325°38′31″S 25°34′27″E
Phitshane Molopo07:00 – 16:00067-548 720425°44′55″S 25°06′27″E
Bray07:00 – 16:00053-937 002625°27′24″S 23°42′51″E
Makopong08:00 – 18:00053-922 Ask Vorstershoop 201125°21′55″S 22°58′29″E
McCarthy’s Rust08:00 – 18:00053-781 028526°12′05″S 22°34′04″E
Middleputs07:30 – 16:00053-781 021226°40′14″S 21°52′57″E

Helpful Botswana Border Crossing Info

The most exciting Botswana border crossing

Pontdrift is arguably the most exciting of the Botswana border posts to cross. During the dry season, when the Limpopo River is not flowing (typically anywhere between June and November) you can drive across the sandy riverbed – nothing 4×4 tyres (and adjusting the pressure accordingly) can’t handle. Zebra Crossing in Botswana Above: Zebras can be seen roaming the plains of Botswana.

Documents needed to cross Botswana’s border posts

Visa requirements: Citizens of some African countries won’t need a visa for crossing a Botswana border post, but if you’re travelling with an emergency passport or any other kind of travelling document, you will require a visa. Driver’s license: South African and international driver’s licenses are accepted. Vehicle insurance: Third-party insurance (at P50) is required and is valid for 90 days. Vehicle registration documents: If the vehicle is rented, not registered in your name, or not yet fully paid, you will need an affidavit from the police giving you permission from the rental company, financial institution, or owner to take the vehicle across a Botswanan border post. Both this letter and the registration documents need to be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Clearance certificate: You need a temporary import permit (TIP) to bring a vehicle into Botswana. You can buy this at the Botswana border post. Indication of origin: You will need a country of origin sticker for your vehicle, indicating the country it’s registered in.

Important Botswana Numbers

Emergency numbers

  • Police – 999
  • Ambulance – 997
  • Fire – 998

Lilac-brested roller peering out over Botswana border posts. Or not. Left: Botswana’s national bird, the Lilac-breasted Roller can be spotted after crossing a border post into Botswana.

Useful Botswana road trip information

Fuel: Leaded and unleaded petrol and diesel are readily available at petrol stations in Botswana. Health: No inoculations are required, but hepatitis A and tetanus shots are advisable. To ensure you stay healthy while travelling in Africa, you will need prophylactic Malaria treatment as the risk in Botswana is high. Currency: Botswana’s currency is the Pula.

Cost of crossing Botswana border post

  • P50 for a single entry and P90 for a return trip
  • P20 for road fund tax (disc must be displayed, valid for one year)
  • P20 per trailer and P50 for third-party insurance

In other words, you should budget for about P180 for a return trip across one of Botswana’s border posts.


You may have goods to the value of R500 within the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) area, and outside the SACU area, you may have goods to the value of R3 000. This can include up to two litres of wine, one litre of spirits or other liquor, 200 cigarettes, 20 cigars, 250 g tobacco, 50 ml perfume and 250 ml eau de toilette. As far as meat is concerned, regulations change regularly, so it would be best to enquire at the customs office before trying to import meat. If you do have an import permit, you may bring in the following for private use:

  • Red meat: 25 kg per family
  • Poultry: 5 kg per person
  • Tinned poultry: 20 kg per person

Remember, no pork whatsoever is allowed across Botswana’s border. A detailed list of produce import regulations can be found on the Botswana Tourism website. Hippos await - cross Botswana's border to discover Africa! Above: Hippos can be found throughout the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Armed with this Botswana border posts information you should be feeling prepared to explore this beautiful country. Along with your camera and journal, don’t forget to take along an open mind and adventurous spirit. Welcome Africa with a smile and she is sure to smile back.

If you are interested in going on a 4×4 adventure here, but find yourself in need of a vehicle, you might want to consider 4×4 hire Botswana to find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.