Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

Get around the vibrant heart of the Mother City with Cape Town City Centre car rental from Drive South Africa – the simplest, most affordable way to explore the city at your leisure. Nestled under the slopes of Table Mountain, the City Centre is an important destination for both leisure and business travel.


Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Many global corporates, national headquarters, and thriving businesses are found here, along with the acclaimed International Convention Centre, many tourist attractions, the popular Long Street, and a diversity of accommodation, shops, restaurants, and facilities.

Key things that you will want to see and do once you have collected your hired car include a walk down Long Street, a trip to Green Market Square, a visit to the South African National Museum and National Art Gallery, a trip up the mountain in a cable car, a stroll through the nearby Bo Kaap area and wining and dining at a plethora of restaurants that cater to every taste.

When hiring a car in Cape Town, it must be remembered that Cape Town is indeed safe to drive where the roads are well kept and the city is becoming better and better.

Cheap Cape Town Car Hire

Drive South Africa works with a broad network of renowned hire companies to bring you the best rates on the short and long-term car hiring in Cape Town City Centre. Choose from a huge range of vehicles such as standard cars, luxury cars, 4x4s, SUVs and MPVs, vans, and even campers to find one that best suits your requirements, then book online through our secure website.

Hiring a cheap Car in Cape Town has never been easier by finding cheap cars to rent off Drive South Africa for the best-budgeted options you could possibly find all under one website. Another factor to take in is the fact that where you can hire a car in Cape Town and that one is very simple by being able to hire a car on the internet straight off this very web page.


The Mother City

Rates can be compared for each vehicle to give you the best deal, while those in the city for longer stays can select a monthly hiring plan to save even further. Once payment has been made and the booking confirmed, you simply need to head to the nearest car hire branch in Cape Town to collect your vehicle.

The Waterfront, Camps Bay, and many other hotspots are mere minutes from the City Centre, while many other attractions are found over the rest of the peninsula too.

Book your Cape Town City Centre car hire from Drive South Africa today to begin your very own self-drive adventure. Hiring a car in Cape Town does not just have to be a normal city slicker car hire but it could also be a big 4x4 to enable you to go almost anywhere in Cape Town off our 4x4 department.

Cape Town Best times to Visit

There is almost no wrong time to visit Cape Town especially if you hire a car in Cape Town which will make getting around a whole lot easier. However, when visiting Cape Town it would be recommended to come in Summer which would be December, January, and February.

When hiring a cheap car in Cape Town it is important to get a car with a good aircon because it can get super hot. Anytime is the best time to hire a car in Cape Town due to the best-budgeted options that Drive South Africa can offer.


Cape Town Waterfront

With Drive South Africa you can choose from many different vehicle types to suit your needs when finding a car to rent.

There are also better-priced vehicles that are cheaper and you won’t have to break the bank to have a good time in Cape Town by renting a cheaper car with the best benefits to you and your budget. The cars are also safe to use and easily found in Cape Town.

In Summer Cape Town has many different beaches for you to choose to and to drive to. There are beautiful little towns to visit and to explore that are best done with a car due to public transport not being the greatest.

Travelling in winter is also a great option where you will be able to find top-class restaurants and coffee shops to warm you up on your trip down Cape Town.

Due to how cold it gets, it is recommended to hire a car in Cape Town in order to keep yourself warm and also being able to travel to all the different wine farms that Cape Town Has to offer.

Hiring a car in Cape Town is a must, in order to get around freely without having to rely on our unreliable public transport. This is why renting a car in Cape Town whether it be a 4x4 in Cape Town or hiring an SUV in Cape Town.

In and Around Cape Town

Cape Town is famous for its beaches for which there are many, Clifton Beach is a popular beach destination,s and every now and then they host different activities. The V&A Waterfront is great for those wanting to experience the newly developed urban life in Cape Town. Loop Steet and Long Street are great for the abundance of arts, culture, and nightlife. Other notable areas are the iconic areas around Cape Town would be.

Camps Bay, Woodstock, and Greenpoint for experiencing the best that Cape Town has to offer. Renting a car in Cape Town will make things easier when it comes to getting around to see all the sights. When you hire a car in Cape Town it makes life easier to get around and to have a good time.

If you are feeling up for a road trip, you could always consider driving up the garden route by having a garden route self-drive experience.

What to Pack for your Trip to Cape Town

It’s best to prepare for all weather conditions, the summer months are generally hot and the winter months can become bitterly cold. Just remember that if you hiring a cheap car in Cape Town you need to make sure that you’ve got a vehicle that allows for enough baggage space, as a typical Hyundai i10 wouldn’t handle a lot of baggage.

Due to having so much to offer in Cape Town and what surrounds it a big car that can be capable of anything would be the safest option when renting a car in Cape Town. Just make sure if you are a diver or a surfer to pack in a thick wetsuit.

When you hire a car in Cape Town you can find the cars on the Drive South Africa website that can show all the prices from high to low when trying to budget for your trip. The cars will also be listed by category so there is so much to find for your trip to Cape Town.

If you are flying into Cape Town, you could hire a car in Cape Town International Airport as well as being able to hire a 4x4 or SUV at the Cape Town airport.


Chapman’s Peak drive| Cape Town


Hire a Car Cape Town FAQ's

How old must you be to hire a car in Cape Town?

Most suppliers require you to be 21 as an international driver and 23 for South African drivers, you are also required to have held a valid license for at least 2 years before hiring a car.

There are various options depending on the supplier so please contact us if you are below this age and need to rent a vehicle when hiring a cheap car in Cape Town


How does my rental deposit work in renting a car in Cape Town?

When you hire a car in Cape Town, if you have chosen a package with an excess then you will be required to have he full excess value available on your credit card for a deposit. If you return the vehicle without any damages then this amount will be refunded to you. If repairs are required or parts need to be replaced then you will be charged the correct amount and any remaining funds will be refunded to you.

No matter what package you have chosen you will be required to pay a rental deposit. This varies from R1000 to R2000 depending on which supplier is used. This deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is returned on or before the agreed date and time with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle requires re-fuelling then you will be charged for this and the remaining funds will be refunded. If you return your vehicle late without contacting Drive South Africa then you will be charged for the additional days at the supplier’s extension rates.

What do I need to rent a car in Cape Town?

When you’re hiring a car in Cape Town, you just need a debit or credit card.

At the rental counter, you’ll need:

  • Your passport
  • Your voucher
  • Each driver’s driving licence
  • The main driver’s credit card (some rental companies also accept debit cards, but most don’t).

Important: Please make sure you check the car’s rental terms as well, as each rental company has its own rules. For example? They might need to see some extra ID. They might not accept certain types of a credit card. Or they might not rent to any driver who hasn’t held their driving licence for 36 months or more.

How are the roads in Cape Town?

In the city itself, the roads are good but there are some areas that do not have the best roads surrounding Cape Town and hiring an SUV or bigger car in Capen Town could be to your benefit.

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