Best travel apps for Android

Gone are the days of Encyclopaedia Britannica, spending hours at the travel agent, forever at home affairs, and even longer researching your travel destination between hard copies of phrase books in foreign languages, working out which shots you need and converting currency.

Today, sourcing information, finding the best restaurants and nightlife, organising car rental, booking flights, and finding accommodation can all be done at the click of a button. Downloading applications for your laptop or Android phone can make your next trip even more memorable.

To get the most out of your applications, you would need to be connected to the internet either on your phone, laptop, from WiFi hotspots or at internet cafés where you can plug in. Getting apps for your devices can save you valuable vacation time and, most importantly, it can save you money, which always comes in handy on holiday.

Our best travel apps for Android

Photo: Google Goggles

  • Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a handy application and one of the best travel apps for Android translating foreign text inside a picture, landmarks and deciphering signage is now a snitch, so if you’re unsure what the sign says, let Google Goggles have a look and tell you if you’re standing at the correct cross roads.

  • WhatsApp

A simple yet super smart application with no need for pin numbers and usernames since WhatsApp Messenger is clever enough to find your friends by phone number. It offers a free international texting and video messaging service. All you need is WiFi or 3G.

  •  Skype

Skype is an exceptionally well known  application for your Android. First made famous on PC and adapting for Mac then for mobile across the board, Skype offers users a safe platform for engaging via chat, video calls and voice calls. Skype is a semi free service with the option to buy credits to dial from Skype to a mobile or landline number at reasonable rates.

  • Google Translate

Google really pull out all the stops, every time, making it no wonder that they are one of the most successful companies on the planet. True to the nature of Google, this free app translates an astounding 58 languages in text and hear 23 languages phrases.

Photo: FlightTrack Pro

  •  FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro is listed as one of our top travel apps for Android offering its users useful information about flight times, gate numbers and terminal maps. Air travel has never been this easy and with all the right knowledge at your fingertips, the world really is your oyster.

Photo: Trip Journal

  • Trip Journal

Trip Journal is the number one Google Awarded Travel App. A GPS tracker allows you to add geotags and notes to your pictures with the option to export your Trip Journal to Google Earth. This is a pay for app, but well worth the small fee to download and track your next road trip or big international adventure.

  •  Lightbox

Lightbox is Instagram for Android. This free application allows you to take photos from your device and explore and play with filters, a fisheye lens and other great effects, then upload to your online account and share on your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Super simple.

  • Oanda Converter

What has become a popular online site for travelling visitors and financial professionals working with exchange, now offers their online converter in this simple easy application. The converter works in 190 currencies and extends to four metals. The Oanda currency converter is a must have travel app for Android.

  • Wikitude

Tourists no longer lug around The World Book and other guide books taking up space in your travel backpack. Smart Phones have become mobile encyclopaedias. A point and click mobile app that supplies you with history and tourist information about where you are and what you’re looking at. More on Wikitude.

  • Kindle

Amazon’s mobile reading app allows users all the benefits of the Kindle without buying one. With the Kindle app you log onto the e-book marketplace to download a new digital book or your favourite magazine. The easy to adjust settings makes this free Android application truly user friendly and amongst the top rates travel apps for Android.

Photo: Kayak

  • Kayak

The Kayak should be on your list of must have travel apps for Android. Booking flights and hotels or your next car rental is a quick and easy experience, taking the pain our of planning. This super cool free application has great added tools including a currency converter, price alerts and flight tracker.

  •  OpenTable

The OpenTable is one of the most popular travel apps for Android allowing users to make restaurant reservations that include important details like the size of your party. You can refine search data by price, cuisine, area, send short messages to the maître d’ or cancel your booking.

  • Foursquare

Foursquare is an extremely widespread mobile online application not only for Android but all smart phones and online devices with 10 million-plus users.  Rated among the best travel apps for Android it allows users to gain information about locations they are visiting and gives travellers the opportunity to tap into otherwise unavailable tips about the food, service and fees at local attractions and trendy spots while scrolling through photos.

  •  TripIt

TripIt is without a doubt one of the most frequently recommended travel apps for Android that organises itineraries. It creates one simple itinerary and forwards it to the user within seconds.

  • Hotels Near Me

Hotels Near Me has a massive database of over 60, 000 hotels which makes finding a place almost anywhere in the world easy. The app’s booking service makes planning an easy feat. App facts include star ratings, contact details, addresses, informative guest reviews. Easy search options makes it user friendly.

Wishing you happy tech savvy travels!

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