We want MozCation to be in Cape Town, South Africa

SEOMoz, we want MozCation to be in Cape Town, South Africa! Your sound approach to online marketing has changed the way we do things around here.

There are millions of reasons to have the next MozCation Meetup in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you would like the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, you might want to consider car hire Cape Town for your transportation needs.

What is MozCation?

MozCation is a meetup session held by online marketing company, SEOMoz, in a few different cities each year and it’s their way to get out on the road and meet the amazing people of the SEO community.

What did we do?

We’ve thrown just a few of the best reasons together to show you why MozCation Meetup should come to Cape Town.
Good weather + good times + good people = MozCapeTown

If you’re a Capetonian and you want SEOmoz to come to our pretty city, tweet mozcapetown.com to @seomoz with #mozcation and #capetown

Reasons to have the next MozCation Meetup in Cape Town, South Africa?

ONE – The Weather

Cape Town enjoys 237 days of sun every year, compared to the fine city of Seattle’s 71. Good weather means good times, which brings us to reason number TWO…

TWO – Good Times

While we don’t actually have lions in our backyards we do have the big five in our game parks.

Meet the creatures so famous they get visits from royalty, celebrities and even celebrities who’ve come to adopt small African children who then get turned into celebrities.

When you’re done with the wildlife and the sea life, settle down to the vine life along any of our incredible wine routes.

Whether you’re into red, white or bubbly, international judges all agree South African wines are some of the best you’ll ever taste.

Buy a case to take home or, heck, buy two – your American Dollar equals ten of our South African Rands!

THREE – Good People

While most of the world knows us for our political heroes, sporting heroes and entrepreneurial heroes, in an 18-year-old democracy where we speak 11 official national languages and get along just fine, everyone is a hero in their own right and we’re proud of it.

Not to blow our own horns, but we’re just as proud of our start-up scene – possibly the brightest bunch of geeks on the tip of what the Europeans long called the Dark Continent.

The bright bunch of heroic webheads want to meet the SEOmoz team at the MozCation in Cape Town under sunny South African skies.

Mozcapetown.com is a team effort to get the next MozCation to Cape Town. This plea is created by the travel folks at Drive South Africa, digital peeps at ROI Media with some help from our friend @habit47.

Find us on Facebook and let us know what you think of our efforts to get MozCation to Cape Town!

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