Holiday Travel Checklist

The holidays are tangibly close, most of South Africa is excitedly reclining into the summer vacation period and heading to coastal retreats to enjoy a well earned break and bid a sun drenched farewell to 2010.

Holiday Travel Checklist

Before you hit the road, there are always a 101 things to organise and plan for. A holiday travel checklist is probably the last list you want to focus on so close to your Christmas holiday. Luckily for us Arrive Alive and Tempest have pieced together ‘Festive Season Travel Tips,’ covering:

  • Before you leave home
  • Planning ahead
  • Once you hit the road
  • Travelling with little angels
  • Useful emergency numbers

Nice work Tempest.

If you need a vehicle to travel to your holiday destination, you might want to have a look at car hire South Africa for for your travel needs.

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