Hottest shopping spots in Johannesburg

Shop, shop, shop in Gauteng!

It’s no secret that Gauteng is well-known for its world class shopping facilities.

If you are looking for a mall or centre to shop for that special handbag or tie, you are spoilt for choice, to put it mildly. Whether you are a boutique shopper who won’t settle for anything less than Louis Vitton, or just someone who is looking for a great bargain, there is a shop for you in *Egoli!

Shopping in Johannesburg, South Africa is a trending activity, especially this time of year.

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1.       Sandton City and Nelson Mandel Square

Known as “Africa’s richest square mile”, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square boasts some of the most luxurious shops in the Southern Hemisphere. There are plenty of restaurants and cozy coffee shops where you can put the shopping bags down and give those tired feet a rest.

Sandton city is one of the most upmarket malls in Johannesburg and offers a unique lifestyle destination where you can get away from the CBD and spend quality time with friends as you marvel at the majestic statue of Nelson Mandela doing his adored signature jive.

Above: The statue of Nelson Mandela is a popular meeting spot for city slickers. Photo: Martin Gordon


2.       Killarney Mall

Killarney Mall is the most established shopping mall in the city and was the first mall to be opened in 1961. Many describe this shopping haven as unpretentious yet stylish and modern. The shops are open until late at night and clothing, jewellery and African curios are the most popular products amongst residents and travellers alike.

Above: Killarney mall boasts many a stylish shoe shop. Photo: seppi_hoffer


3.       The Oriental Plaza

A stone’s throw from Newtown, you’ll find the Oriental Plaza, a bustling collection of mostly Indian-owned stores selling everything from spices to cheap watches to cookware. The Plaza serves as a one-stop centre for all your needs; from fixing your cell phone to scoring that cheap but efficient and funky kettle.

Above: The ever so popular samoosa counter in the Jozi’s Oriental Plaza. Photo: 2Summers2010


4.       Montecasino

Designed to replicate an old world Tuscan hill-top village, Montecasino offers a refreshing alternative to the over polished tiles and harsh florescent tubes awaiting you in a shopping mall. The ceiling is a representation of a light blue sky with puffy white clouds and the shops are funky and completely authentic.

Montecasino’s shopping area includes a bookshop, clothing and shoes, a golf specialty store, jewellery, crystals and minerals, graphic novels and figurines and even a joke and novelty shop.

Above: Montecasino was designed to replicate an old world Tuscan hill-top village. Photo: jespahjoy


5.       Hyde park Corner

If you simply want a combination of elegance and practicality, Hyde Park Corner is the shopping centre you’re looking for. As the first fully enclosed shopping centre in South Africa, it remains innovative in its approach, with an emphasis on wide-open spaces and calming reflective light.

The centre offers a comprehensive selection of superior quality merchandise in a modern, airy surround, and housed in a safe, relaxed, and sophisticated environment.

Above: Looking for a gift for that special someone? Look no further than Hyde Park Corner. Photo: Jonathan Cohen

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*Egoli means “place of gold” in Zulu and is an informal name for Johannesburg.

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