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A 4×4 safari in Botswana is the ideal African safari. A country for the intrepid explorer, 4×4 safari Botswana through Drive South Africa offers visitors the opportunity to discover this untamed country through self-drive safari or car rental to accommodate their travel plans. Get in touch with Drive South Africa for your 4×4 safari. Botswana is a land of extremes ranging from searing desert to the lush waterways, thick woodlands and wide-open savannah plains.

Experience Africa with 4×4 Rental

Botswana is a land of extremes ranging from searing desert to the lush waterways, thick woodlands and wide-open savannah plains. Home to Chobe, Savuti and the world famous Okavango Delta, 4×4 safari Botswana opens up to the explorer. Botswana’s terrain is both challenging and rewarding, and travellers looking for authentic Africa will find 4×4 hire in Botswana an enchanting way to experience the country.

Drive South Africa has provided explorers and off-road enthusiasts with 4×4 rental cars since 2002. We have first-hand knowledge and in-depth experience when it comes to Africa, her countries and the navigation of her terrain. Our consultants are experienced and expertly trained to assist you when renting a 4×4 in Botswana.

4×4 safari Botswana and Africa

We source our Botswana 4×4 hire cars from our trusted affiliate 4×4 rental companies, and offer a wide range of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) for rental, all late model and low mileage. Our affiliates offer numerous collection and drop-off locations for 4×4 hire in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. Drive South Africa can arrange for your 4×4 to be dropped off in any country in Southern or Eastern Africa and similarly arrange for one-way car rentals and deliveries. Please consult one of our trained customer service specialists regarding one-way 4×4 hire fees and delivery charges.

Drive South Africa has three major hubs for Southern Africa 4×4 hire, in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Planning a 4×4 trip and need to hire a 4×4 vehicle locally here are some popular options below;

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