I do Africa - My turn

Let me just get this out of the way, I am a notorious bad driver of cars. My dad used to joke that he would have made more money had he become a panel beater –  just from fixing all my fender benders. There is more… I have never ridden a bike.

So you may ask, what on earth are we doing? Well, my answer to that would be:  right now,  last minute lessons.

If all goes well Guillaume will be the driver for the entire trip, but as a precaution I need to learn how to ride also. Should he become ill or hurt it will be my responsibility to get him to hospital or a doctor and I have therefore started my bonding with the bike by putting my horrible driving past behind me… or so I thought.

This was my first attempt:


In actual fact our Big Boy is a very easy ride and it doesn’t take that long to figure out. My second attempt went much better – but in first gear only.

I have a lot of practice to do before I will be comfortable and confident on the bike. Guillaume showed me how:

I really like riding, and I hope that I will get my turn in the driver seat every so often.

* No bike’s or persons where hurt during the shooting of these photo’s.

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