Klein Karoo to Route 62, South Africa

The local wine culture was born when it was established during the eighteenth century, stemming from Kannaland, which is more commonly known as the Klein Karoo. Brandy casks were transported in ox wagons on their journey across the country and through the lush valleys of the Klein Karoo bringing settlers to the area who began producing brandy along with the finest wines to be exported and sold locally. Sweet wines, dessert wines and dry wines were amongst those on the production line, creating a region which is rich in history and tradition, the perfect journey for the wine lover.

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What’s the history of the Klein Karoo area?

The Klein Karoo wine region.                                                        Photo by HDR Cafe

The area’s history and the region’s past often creates a feeling of nostalgia. The wines bring with them stories of centuries past, producing vintages that have stood the test of time. Local vintners creatively combine fruiting flavours with sweet and spicy overtones that are bound to delight the wine connoisseurs.

Who are the Klein Karoo wine family?

Five private cellars and seven co-operatives make up what is known as The Klein Karoo Wine Family. Each of these offer a unique experience, a selected range of wines and a taste adventure that is enough to rival the likes of those who are rated the best in the world. The Klein Karoo is the perfect cheese and wine presenting visitors with a sensational taste journey that compliments the contrasting environment and the beauty of the region.

Where do the vines grow?

The vines grow on the higher slopes along the riverbanks where the fertile alluvial soil plays its roles in creating some of the finest vintages on the planet. The climate is much drier than most other wine regions in the country or abroad with the result being exceptionally healthy wines that are grown, to a large extent, using organic methods and producing outstanding wines.

What is produced in the region?

The range of micro-climates allow for the Klein Karoo winemakers to produce and make a wide variety of quality drinks including pot-stilled brandies, sherries, South Africa’s champion muscadel and other world-class award-winning ports and fortified wines through to outstanding red and white wines. The Klein Karoo Wine Route is the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest chardonnays, cabernets and blends combining rich flavours and overtones.

Where exactly is the Klein Karoo wine route?

The Klein Karoo Wine Route stretches from Cogmanskloof near Montagu in the West to De Rust near Meiringspoort in the East. The Klein Karoo is situated between some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country.

Rolling down Route 62 – What’s the big deal?

Route 62 is the tourist wine route of the Eastern and Western Cape in South Africa. The wine route moves along from the Mother City of Cape Town through to Paarl, Wellington, and the Breede River Valley over scenic passes through vineyards and orchards to Oudtshoorn on to Langkloof and Port Elizabeth. Route 62 offers a far more scenic alternative to the longer N2 highway. Route 62 takes you along green hillsides and landscapes that stretch on more miles with cliffs surrounded by an abundance of indigenous trees, flora and fauna making Route 62 something seriously special.

Where does Route 62 take you?

Cape Route 62 prompts entertaining associations with world-famous Route 66, since both connect urban and rural regions. In the same way the Cape Route 62 links Cape Town to Port Elizabeth passing through Calitzdorp, Ladismith, Amalienstein, Zoar, Barrydale, Montagu, Ashton, Bonnievale, Robertson, McGregor, Rawsonville, Worcester, Ceres, Wolseley, Tulbagh, Wellington and Paarl, Misgund, Louterwater, Krakeel, Joubertina and Kareedouw.

What activities are there on Route 62?

Route 62 offers visitors passing through a range of activities from visiting local wine farms, cellars and wineries to taking a fantastic game drive, browsing local arts and crafts, visiting the museums along this history-rich region and not to mention an array of extreme sports and adventure activities. There are 4×4 routes and ostrich rides, hot-springs and trout fishing, deep sea fishing and caving, mountain climbing and canoeing. Read more about the Top 10 Wine Routes in The Western Cape.

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