Namibian Safari and Camping Tours self-drive routes

With so much beauty and local culture to absorb, Namibian holidays and self-drive camping tours are all about chucking the handbook out the window and blazing an epic trail.

Namibia’s safari and camping routes are the ideal way to explore, discover and fall in love with the mind-blowing ruggedly carved landscapes, eclectic vibrant cultures, spectacular flavors and magnificent wildlife of God’s art room. To get through these ruggedly carved landscapes you need a decent car. Check out car rental Namibia to rent your car.

Here are Drive South Africa’s top 5 must-see locations when planning your dream Namibian holiday.


Namibia Windhoek Funny Sands sign

Nestled in the marvelous Namibian rolling mountain ranges, right at the geographical and cultural soul of Namibia is Windhoek. The colonial heritage of the quaint little town flows tangibly through the streets lined with European cafés and bustling local markets. Known as the gem of Namibia’s tourism, Windhoek’s vibrant and diverse cultural life is a delightful setting in which to sample the other local wildlife and flavor.

Try some of the delicious locally brewed beer, bread and traditional dishes, including ‘bier-brood’-yep, you guessed it beer-bread.


Namibia Sossusvlei sand dunes[Photo By Geoff Wilson]

The key to a truly unforgettable Namibian safari holiday is the awe-inspiring and magically infinite sand dunes of the Namib Naukluft National Park, Sossusvlei. Namibia’s majestic and monstrous towers of caramel-rippled sand are a soul-satisfying sight. The breathtaking enormity of the desert is even more gorgeous after an exciting hike up Big Daddy Dune (380 m), under the first break of a golden sunrise.

If you can, seek out Boesman for a famed guided Sossus on Foot Namibian tour to learn all about the fascinating splendor of the Namib Desert.


Namibia Swakopmund Sand Boarding[Photo By OCVA]

Another must on any safari in Namibia is the eccentric German styled town and surrounding windswept rich ochre desert expanses of Swakopmund. Namibia’s playground is the heart of Southern Africa adventure activities and offers travelers a variety of unique ways to explore the majesty of the impressive dunes, including quad-biking and sand-boarding.

For the hardcore adrenalin junkies, the sky-diving trips reward you with an endless view of the dramatic coastline desert beauty, if you can keep your eyes open.


Namibia Damaraland Meerkats

[Photo by Tambako the Jaguar]

The unforgiving arid landscapes of Damaraland are both beautiful and terrifying. The more courageous of travelers who venture here will find the stunning scenery and unique visits to the local Himba tribes a treasured prize.  Damaraland is also the ideal base from which to explore the inspiring san rock art galleries of Twyvelfontein and ship-wrecked littered coastlines of the Skeleton Coast.

If you do decide to go to Damaraland you should definitely visit the fascinating play of colors across the Spitzkoppe rock formation and dramatic Brandberg Mountain.

Etosha National Park

Namibia Etosha National Park[Photo by Crazy Creature]

Spending an afternoon game-watching in the spectacular shimmering mirages and dry summer heat of the Etosha National Park is an idyllic ending to a fantastic Namibia safari tour. The enormous white salt-pan and the cool refreshing watering holes around the pan are a haven for a wonderful variety of wildlife drawing in huge herds of elephants, water buffaloes and the famous flocks of flamingos in Namibia.

Safaris and guided tours through the park can be booked via the Namibian private game lodges and campsites surrounding the Etosha National Park.

The Namibia Tourism Page is a great resource for any Namibia holiday, tour or safari. It has everything you need from a list of Namibia safari and tour operators, accommodation and attractions to a Namibian map and guides to the larger cities.

We suggest you plan your trip for at least 14 days to get the maximum out of your Namibian holiday.

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