Rocking The Daisies This Weekend

Rocking The Daisies and Rocking The Gardens both kick off this weekend in Cape Town on cloof Wine Estate and Jo’burg’s Emmarentia Dam respectively, perhaps respective is the wrong word to describe a festival, although the organisers of RTD and RTG continue to take big bold steps each year towards minimising environmental impact and promoting green living:  “Play Hard, Tread Lightly” is their motto.

If you’re heading to either of these festivals this weekend try lift sharing or rent a people carrier to reduce your carbon footprint, in fact there are a bunch of people walking or running to the festival from Cape Town… certainly does attract all types.

If you would like to have the freedom to explore the area you are visiting independently, you might want to look into car hire Cape Town for the perfect set of wheels.

Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Gardens

The festivals boasts solid line-ups with international act New Young Pony Club appearing at both venues over the weekend along side local bands Zebra & Giraffe, Springbok Nude Girls, Taxi Violence and the Dirty Skirts.

New Young Pony Club at rocking the Daisies

Tomorrow will see the hoards trucking up the N7 towards Darling in all manner of cars, campervans and 4x4s. Drive South Africa are a fully equipped 4×4 Landcruiser, bristling with troops to get a first hand account of the festival and of course test out our new rooftop tents. The lengths we go to for you guys!

For full details of each festival, including camping, caravans, campervan and 4×4-roof top tent areas visit the Rocking The Daisies website.

You might want to live a little more luxurious at the festival, have a look at the camper rentals to make staying there a little more comfortable.

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