Top 5 Things To Do in Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park:

The place is known for the Big 5, for its sizzling sun and dusty dust, for the fact that you can experience a slice of wild Africa and then wander back to your camp and enjoy a brewski. The park’s vast landscape is a playground for exploration and we’ve put together The Top 5 things to do in Kruger National Park, to make sure you’re not missing out on the most awesome activities offered.

1.  Hot Air Balloon Safari Bamysers4az

Photo by: Bamyers4az

Making an appearance on many a ‘bucket list’, a hot air balloon ride truly is all it’s cracked up to be. Who wouldn’t want to drift with the direction of the wind, watching herds of animals missioning over the escarpment? Well worth rubbing the sleep from your eyes and rising early for a sunrise drift over serene landscapes, forests and hills.

2.  Visit a Cultural Village Asco

Photo by: Asco

People have lived off the land for centuries and there are still traditional cultural groupings in rural areas where cell phones and Xbox’s are as useless as Flickr is to Helen Keller. The beauty is that we still get a peek into the lives of bushmen who live off the land. The Kruger National Park is home to cultural villages of Ndebele, Pedi, San, Shangaan, Tsonga and Venda, offering you the opportunity to watch as a woman makes butter or shapes beads out of ostrich shells; an experience that makes you appreciate the convenience of your own world so much more. Eat with them, learn their dances and observe a day in the life of traditional man.

3.  Bush Braais Bush Braai

Photo by: Siyabona Africa

There is only one thing better than being surrounded by the African wilderness: – Braaing, while surrounded by the African wilderness. A guided night game drive takes you to a clearing dotted with lanterns and fires. While you sit and listen to the sounds of nature, your food is prepared over an open fire.  Safe, fun, adventurous.

4.  Visit a Cultural Heritage Site Thulamela

Photo by: Su-Mari Swanepeol

Kruger National Park is a conservation area: conservation of wildlife and conservation of historical sites. Visit the Iron Age old site of Thulamela. When Great Zimbabwe was abandoned over 500 years ago, groups moved down to Northern Kruger and started smaller chiefdoms. Nowadays there are still traces of trade, farming and graves at Thulamela. To complete the whole African experience, a trip to a time-capsule site, enlightens while you re-discover the area’s history.

5. Go on an Elephant back safari

Photo by: Jarred Cinman

If you look down your nose at vertigo and give a thumbs-up to dappling in the adventurously unusual: you’ve GOTTA try this! Saddled on an elephant, you wander the Kruger National Park. You will be riding an e.l.e.p.h.a.n.t: The biggest land mammal. Is there any better way to explore the vast stretches of landscape and wildlife the park offers? I think not. Did I mention that you will be on an ELEPHANT? SCHWEET! A trip to the Kruger National Park is a hugely exciting adventure: one that should be enjoyed to the nth degree. Sharing these top five things to do in the Kruger National Park, only means you’re one step closer to enjoying the ultimate African wilderness experience.self drive african safari

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