Before you kick the bucket at the ripe old age of one hundred and ten, every person should experience the following ten things:

1.  Visit the Kruger National Park

2.  Go on a hot-air balloon safari

3.  Ride in a motorbike tour

4.  Climb Mount Everest

  • Tackle an epic accomplishment. Take the challenge. Live, breathe, achieve. [Climb Mount Everest]

5.  View the pyramids of Egypt

6.  Run with the bulls in Spain

7.  Experience the Victoria Falls lunar rainbow

8.  Venture a bungee jump

  • Feel the rush of adrenaline. Soar through the air. Grasp at the feeling of freedom. [Venture a bungee jump]

9.  Go Gorilla trekking

  • Mission through lush tropical forest. Seek out brilliant beings. Peek into deep Africa. [Go gorilla trekking]

10. Any suggestions?

  • We’d love your input for the 10th slot on The Bucket List.
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