If anything can be said over and over again for a Toyota, it’s that they’re trustworthy and reliable cars. Praised for its impressive durability and high resale value, this solid Japanese brand offers a wide range of stylish cars meant to cater to drivers who want something that gives them an affordable way to get around. However, with that being said, Toyota is morphing into a brand that is most often praised for its style, even above the reliability it offers. Here are five reasons to love Toyota, and why getting behind the wheel of one could be the best decision you make this year.

1. High standards and durability

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner

Top-notch quality and reliability are a given with any Toyota as many drivers know. In fact, the company ranks 7th out of 37 other brands with J.D Power and Associates, thanks to its consistent delivery of safety, affordability and trustworthiness to its consumers.

In addition to this, all new Toyotas are covered by ToyotaCare at no extra charge, paying for your first 5 services up until the two-year benchmark – setting it apart from other automotive manufacturers.

In fact, the brand won the 2012 Best Resale Value Award in the Los Angeles Auto Show – a prestigious title by anybody’s standards.

2. The Hybrid Prius is a leading eco model

The Toyota Prius is one of the most-loved, eco-friendly cars on the market today, guaranteed to give owners (green)peace of mind. One litre of petrol gives you a staggering 20 km of driving. This means that your car will practically pay for itself in fuel charges and give off fewer harmful emissions. Combine that with an excellent crash test safety rating, and you can easily see why this car has gained so much international attention.

3. Parts are readily available

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

Maintaining your Toyota is simple, thanks to the high availability of parts and mechanics familiar with the brand. Because these vehicles are so popular, on South African roads in particular, you have the assurance that parts will continue to be easily available, even 15 years from now. This is an important perk, as the fantastic durability is best combined with loving maintenance and care.

4. Toyotas are safe

Toyota is fantastic in terms of safety. It has a staggering total of 11 models that have won the IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards.

Every new Toyota vehicle adheres to the Star Safety System, which means that your car will have anti-locking, vehicle stability and traction control, electric brake force distribution, brake assist and smart stop technology. This prevents you from getting seatbelt burn from sudden stops and puddle skids, grants you smoother brake-work and offers you a firm and consistent grip on the road.

5. Affordability

Last but not least, you can buy these cars, along with the high-end technologies and features offered to you, without breaking the bank. This affordability is aimed at giving drivers the chance to enjoy quality engineering, safety and stylish aesthetics without having to make massive payments to do so.

Toyota gets better with every year, consistently offering the public high-tech, smart and dependable cars that they’ll be able to drive for years to come. There’s no doubt, Toyota will continue to grow to meet the demands of the modern driver.

Hire a Toyota today!

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