Traversing the wild African continent cannot be more fun than with a 4×4 vehicle. Self-driving takes one to the farthest regions, to places and stages you may never have imagined experiencing, and 4×4 adventures take on a whole new light in Mozambique.

Mozambique is well known as a beach haven for holidaymakers, from all walks of life. The 4×4 community is no exception. Drive South Africa takes a look at a couple of popular 4×4 destinations in and around Mozambique.

Getting to these majestic places often takes some doing. If you are interested in taking one of these trips of a lifetime, you might want to have a look at 4×4 hire and the vehicles we have on offer to accommodate your adventure.

Southern Mozambique

One can enjoy an exciting 4×4 route that takes one to Maputo from the Kosi Bay border, situated in Kwa-Zula Natal, South Africa.

Southern Mozambique 4x4 trail
Photo By Roger Scott


4×4 drivers will enjoy travelling through the dune forest trails situated in Southern Mozambique

More info:
– 4×4 drivers will need a high clearance model vehicle, and the increased traction offered by a 4×4 is advisable.
– When travelling from Johannesburg, the route will pass through Ermelo, Jozini and Manguzi before reaching the Kosi Bay border. This usually takes approximately 7 hours.
– When travelling from Durban, the route will take one up North through Hluhluwe, Mbazwane and Manguzi to finally end up at the Kosi Bay border. This journey takes approximately 5 hours.

Xai Xai

This hospitable and enchanting Mozambique location is ideal for 4×4 aficionados. Many tourists flock to the pristine beach setting that is Xai Xai, often unaware that the best way to experience Xai Xai in its fullness if from the seat of a 4×4.

Xai Xai 4x4 trail, Mozambique
Photo By David Rebocho


Check out the Boa Paz lighthouse, situated in Chidenguele, just North of Xai Xai. This 4×4 trail offers exquisite vistas, as one bound along the sandy route, passing two enchanting freshwater lakes along the way. A must for all adventure-loving-wild-at-heart 4×4 fanatics.

It is always best to do research before undertaking a 4×4 journey, as your desired destinations may be inaccessible during certain conditions. So, be sure to check in with the weather-man before hiring your 4×4 vehicle and embarking on your 4×4 adventure.

Mozambique 4x4 trails
Photo By Hannes Jansen van Rensburg

Also, a good thing to do would be to consult a 4×4 forum to get hands-on advice and information from 4×4 enthusiasts.

Drive safe!

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