Woman with keys in hand proud of getting the licence to drive on public roads.

Driver's License Requirements for Renting a Vehicle with Avis

Renting a vehicle requires adherence to specific driver’s license requirements to ensure compliance with legal standards. Below is a structured overview of these requirements when renting an Avis vehicle, categorized by license origin.

General Driver’s License Requirements

  • Original, valid, and unendorsed license.
  • Minimum validity of 1 year at the time of rental.
  • Additional photo ID required if the license lacks a photo.

South African Driver’s Licenses

  • Must be original, valid, and unendorsed.
  • In the event the license does not include a photo, a valid form of photo identification is required to confirm the renter’s identity.

International Driver’s Licenses

  • Original, valid license from the renter’s country of residence.
  • If the license is not in English or in a non-roman alphabet, an official translation or International Driving Permit (IDP) is required.
  • A valid passport is necessary for identity verification.
  • If the renter’s driver’s license and passport are from two different countries, a work or residency permit may be required for additional verification.

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