Eight New Experiences You Should Try in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city full of new experiences, hot spots venues, clubs, restaurants and bars just waiting to be discovered. While new venues and hot spots open and close with surprising regularity, there just something about a new spot that makes for a special experience that you should enjoy even if you do not know if it will last. The following eight new experiences you should try in Cape Town. Go on and enjoy them and you might just find a new favorite place to work, play or let of some steam.

Cut Down On Office Rentals

Work & co

Image: Work & Co

Work & Co is a revolutionary co-working space on Bree Street in the CBD. While the concept of coworking spaces is not new in Cape Town, Work & Co is unique in that in addition to the usual professional printers, copiers, scanners, and ultra-high speed fiber optic internet, the space is also designed as a place for one to meet other like-minded individuals. The space has private and shared office spaces, meeting rooms and a unique login portal where one can meet and interact with any of the freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs at Work & Co.

Farm-To-Table Eating

Hidden leaf eatery

Image: Hidden Leaf Eatery

Located in the heart of Woodstock, one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs is Hidden Leaf Restaurant. Hidden Leaf is a family friendly restaurant offering fresh organic treats from free range and ethical sources. The restaurant has an extensive seasonal menu with delightful and fresh items to satisfy any foodie. You can have anything from free range beef curries, farm-fresh carrots, and potatoes to Italian meatballs and Mumbai Chana curry burgers. What makes this place so great for a family’s day out are the magnificent views of the city and Table Mountain from its large outdoor balcony.

The Royal Treatment

The Lume Beauty Atelier in De Waterkant is a classy wellness studio and spa at the Mirage Hotel. The Royal treatment comes in the form of world-class luxury, top of the line service, and premium products from South Africa and across the world. You will love the ambiance of the place from the dimly lit rooms that have an immediate calming effect to the professional staff that will customize the session to your preferences. The 60-minute session starts with a gentle foot scrub the massage, proceeds to tender rubbing of the feet, followed by a session in the warm body adjusting bed that will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything the world throws at you.

Get Drenched


Image: Drenched

There is nothing better after a long day’s work than getting a workout at the gym. Drenched on 47 Bloem Street is Cape Town’s newest workout spot that is unlike any other. The main draw of the gym is the 45-minute workouts that comprise body weight exercises followed by three ten minute rounds where you work with an instructor who guides you through various boxing techniques that will leave you energized and drenched. You can also contact the trainers directly to work and discuss your personal situation so that they can provide customized advice and training solutions.

Sushi at Papa San’s Place

Obi Restaurant

Image: Obi Restaurant

You may have eaten Sushi in Cape Town but you have not eaten sushi until you try out Papa San’s Sushi at Obi Restaurant. The restaurant on 14 Long Street is owned by Ben Bettendorf and Hatsushiro Muraoka the legendary Japanese sushi chef known for the Minato and Takumi, and who is affectionately known in Cape Town as Papa San. The restaurant makes authentic Japanese cuisine that includes a range of maki, handrolls, nigiri and Papa San’s trademark inside out rolls. The uniqueness of the place is that all the food is prepared fresh and personally by the two chefs, who are very hands-on and work in the kitchen preparing every type of sushi dish to order.

Enter a World of Virtual Reality

Virtual World

Image: Pexels

Virtual World in Claremont is one of a kind and the first of its kind virtual reality arcade offering in Cape Town. The place uses cutting edge HTC Vive technology to provide an out of this world experience for gamers of all ages. There are more than 30 games to choose from in sport, horror, education and think action among others. Using HTC Vive you can have an immersive virtual experience with 110-degree field view, where you can physically walk and interact with the virtual environment.

New Wine Concept Store

Open wine on 72 Wale Street in Cape Town’s newest concept store featuring the best of and newest South African wines served with a French-cum Italian twist. The place is a heaven for the wine lover with all manner of vintage wine served alongside a weekly inspired food menu. While technically not a restaurant, it comes with a suggested food menu for the full-bodied red connoisseur, the light red wine drinker, the white fanatic, and the bubbly lover. You can have your wine on the high stools in the Kitchen or on the lounge, where you can choose any vintage from the floor to wall wine shelves.

Have a Blast at the Club

Club Lenin at the Corner of Marine Circle and Porterfield Road is the place to be for the older crowd of night owls needing a place to blow off steam. With tons of 18-25 clubs in Cape Town, Club Lenin is unique in that it targets the more mature crowd with its combination of the old and new, and entry restricted to persons over the age of 21. The ambiance is one of luxury with classy luxury cars revving outside, polished chrome on traditional booths, LED screens throwing of red and blue patterns, and DJs playing new and old school tunes on the decks.

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