Mountain biking is not your ordinary sport; it is a way of life. The adventure and fulfillment that a rider experience is amazing. Mountain biking comes with many benefits. To start with, it is a great way to work out. It is therapeutic; if you are having a hard day, biking could help you release pressure and feel rejuvenated. It is adventurous and gives you a chance to interact with nature as you ride across authentic biking trails. In South Africa, you cannot exhaust the numerous off-road mountain biking trails to choose from. If you are seeking to explore the country at a close range, there is no better way to do this than biking through it.

Giba Gorge MTB

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Located in Pinetown, South Africa, this is a single track biking trail. The Giba gorge mountain bike trail is packed with vast activities for whole family enjoyed. You will encounter various levels biking trails to choose from. If you are a beginner just venturing into mountain biking, you could choose the green trail. This is a less challenging trail. Advanced riders seeking a more challenging experience may opt to go for the blue trail. This is a mixture of uphill and flat surfaces and will definitely offer you a thrilling experience.

Tokai Forest Mountain Biking Trail

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If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the route for you. You will ride through the Tokai forest biodiversity. The forest is a part of the Table Mountain National park. You will enjoy some magnificent trails as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This is trail is out of the city. It will give you a real taste of nature and adventure. Consider car rental South Africa to accommodate your travel.

Red Barn Trail

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The trail meanders through a stretch of 20 acres of the eucalyptus forest. You will enjoy riding across sprawling fields as you breathe in some fresh air. This is a family route as it offers all levels of riding experience. It is suitable for experienced bikers as well as newbies. It is packed with amenities such as restaurants and other recreational facilities. You are therefore assured of a comfortable riding experience.

Impala Ranch Route

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As you ride across the impala ranch, you will enjoy viewing some wild game. Animals such as zebras, impalas, hartebeest and bushbuck can be traced with relative ease. How else can you encounter nature up and close? This is indeed a unique mountain biking trail.

Phezulu Estate

The trail is located 40km from Durban. Besides enjoying a god biking experience, visitors can enjoy a taste of great culture. You will have an opportunity to enter a beehive hut and participate in the popular Zulu dance. The trail offers breathtaking scenery of nature. The ancient Gasa clan was known to welcome visitors from all over the world to experience their great culture.