Cape Town with its towering Table Mountain really has a unique situation as nature and urbanity converge. This makes it great for anyone wanting to hike or trek but not venture too far from the city. This has made it a leading tourist destination for people wanting literally the best of both worlds, stay at boutique hotels, eat at world-class restaurants and hike some of the most picturesque trekking trails in all of South Africa, this is the reality that is Cape Town.

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Table Mountain


This could be the most famous landmark in Cape Town and really no one can miss it as it can be seen towering over the city in most areas. Many opt to take the famous cable car up Table Mountain yet; you can also hike up there, this is seen to be one of the highlights of any visit to Cape Town.

Lions Head


The mountain which resembles the head of a lion almost seems like some kind of noble protector over the city and it offers splendid views of many of the most iconic locations in Cape Town. Hiking up Lion’s head is also particularly popular during times of the month when the moon is full and you can see the lights of hikers walking through the mountain late into the night.

Platteklip Gorge

This is for hikers who want to take the most direct route up Table Mountain, however, this is also the most challenging and many weary trekkers decide to take the cable car back down after the hike is completed. There are also facilities at the top including restaurants and curio shops if you’d like to purchase some trinkets for the loved ones.

Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch

Constantia Nek

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This wonderful walk which traverses through the beautifully breathtaking Kirstenbosch area and the southern peninsula to the Smuts Track, once you start the walk follow the signs to the Nursery Ravine which will take you through some beautiful fynbos indigenous to the cape. Soon the path will widen enough for certain kinds of vehicles to pass and now you will find yourself in the breathtaking Cecilia Forest. This lovely hike is only 6 kms long, so give yourself roughly two to three hours to hike there and back.

Cape Point Nature Reserve

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Cape Point Nature Reserve could very well be one of the most sought after hiking areas in all of the Western Cape and for good reason.  It’s filled with dramatic scenery that will surely take one’s breath away from desolate beaches, majestic mountains and the chance of seeing a small selection of game it really is a great place to escape the city even just for a day or two. It’s said that most flock to this area for the two cliffs which are titled Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.

Getting there

Although Cape Town’s public transport is slightly better than other parts of the country, getting to many of these hiking spots might not be that easy. Car rental Cape Town will ensure you can see all these great spots as bus routes don’t run to certain areas.