Kwazulu Natal is a lush and evergreen province situated within the Eastern Coast of South Africa. Durban its largest city is filled to the brim with greenery for an urban space and with this comes amazing hiking trails and nature reserves within the confines of the city or very nearby. When visiting KZN or Durban one really has no excuse not to visit one of the many natural areas. Here are 5 great hiking trails and nature reserves to consider visiting on your next KZN outing.

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Burman Bush

This nature reserve is situated on the outskirts of well establishment suburb Morningside. There are some great hiking trails that feature many species of birds and even a few smaller variety of game as well as the mandatory Durban fury residents the Vervet Monkey’s. There are also braai facilities at the entrance to the reserve and it’s not far from other attractions in the city such as the world class football stadium and golden mile of beaches. Visit thiswebpage for more information.

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Kloof Gorge – Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

This great area for hiking is situated in the suburb of Kloof which is about 20 minutes from the centre of Durban. The trail takes roughly 2 hours to complete and when trekkers have completed the first half they are treated to a majestic waterfall where tired hikers can swim in cool rock pools, before hiking back up the gorge. It’s also a great place for a picnic and there are braai facilities at the entrance to the park. The Krantzkloof Nature Reserve forest image taken from

Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve

Umhlanga loosely translates to ‘place of reeds’ in the isiZulu language is another area packed with nature and is roughly less than 20 minutes from the centre of Durban. The lagoon reserve forms a great home for wildlife mainly found in coastal and wetland areas. The area itself is roughly only 26 hectares in length however this hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most sort after hiking destinations in the North Coast area of KZN.

The Umlhanga Lagoon Nature Reserve Walk along wooden bridge imgae taken from

Paradise Valley Nature Reserve

This is a popular destination for people wishing to have a picnic and experience nature but who don’t wish to travel far. The reserve also forms a part of the Umbilo Waterworks which were built in 1887 and serve as a national monument for both the Pinetown area and KZN. Gaze at the majestic beauty of the remains of lush coastal and grasslands.

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve Waterwoks image taken from

Shongweni Dam

Situated just 40 minutes from the centre of Durban is this natural playground which is also the location of the popular camp and team building facility ‘spirit of adventure’. Shongweni dam has a variety of hiking and camping options and one can even experience a small variety of game and the dam area is also great for braai, picnics and kayaking.

The Shongweni Dan image taken from 1024px-Shongweni_déversant-wikipedia-comms.

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