Green Motoring

Going green is a step-by-step process, it will not happen overnight; so one needs to keep practising the ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ philosophy until it becomes second nature.

Drive South Africa highlights 18 easy to follow tips on how to go green with your car.

In the vehicle

Going Green with your Car
Photo By Russ Morris

1. Make use of your cruise control mechanism!

When using cruise control the vehicle could get up to 15% better mileage. Considering today’s petrol prices, this is a plus not only for the environment but for your budget as well.

Drive Slow to save energy consumption
Photo By Colin

2. Check your car for oil or other leaks, and recycle motor oil.

3. Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway.

Preferable a water-less carwash (for example: Perfect Car carwash in Cavendish square, Claremont) would be best, once more optimising on water usage.

4. Purchase radial tyres and keep them properly inflated.

5. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving, whenever possible.

6. Join a carpool or vanpool to get to work.

Carpooling reduces energu consumption
Photo By Zuzi & Ken

7. Ensure regular maintenance for your vehicle.

A properly maintained vehicle, clean air filters, and inflated tires can greatly improve your vehicle’s performance.

8. Telecommute!

If an arrangement could be worked out between your employer and yourself, to enable you to work from home for some portion of the week, this will greatly impact the amount of money and gasoline you make use of  – reducing costs in a big way!

9. Share a ride, try car-pooling or public transportation.

10. Keep your car tuned    up to ensure better fuel-efficiency.

Regular car tune ups save energy
Photo By Devin

11. Drive a hybrid

A hybrid is capable of reducing smog pollution by 90 percent compared with the cleanest vehicles on the road today.

12. Recycle your bicycle

Keep your bicycle in shape the way you would your car. When it’s time to get rid of it, recycle. You’d be amazed at what is being made out of recycled bicycle parts.

13. Walk or bike instead of driving wherever possible.

Go Green with a Bicycle
Photo By Mai

14. Drive carefully and do not waste fuel

You can reduce CO2 emissions by readjusting your driving style. Choose proper gears, do not abuse the gas pedal, use the engine brake instead of the pedal brake when possible and turn off your engine when your vehicle is idling for more than one minute. By readjusting your driving style you can save money on both fuel and car maintenance.

15. Check your tyres weekly to make sure they are properly inflated

Correct tyre inflation improves on fuel mileage by more than 3%.

16. When it is time for a new car, choose a more fuel efficient vehicle

17. Try car sharing

Need a car but don’t want to buy one? Community car sharing organisations provide access to a vehicle, where the membership fee will go towards covering fuel costs, maintenance and insurance.

18. Fly less

Air travel produces large amounts of emissions so reducing how much you fly by even one or two trips a year can reduce your emissions significantly. You can also offset your air travel carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.

19. Be conscious about engine size

Driving a vehicle with a larger engine doe not always mean you will be using more fore, but more often than not this is the case. Driving a big V8 motor opposed to a 4 cylinder sedan may be a step down in power, but will be a big step up in saving fuel and the environment. When you consider car hire have a look at car hire South Africa‘s fuel conscious vehicles if you so wish.

Saving the planet is a 24 hour job, and the responsibility of all of us. Every little helps, and awareness is a step in the right direction, the next step to ensuring your superhero status remains in tact is to maintain your presence of mind – and spread the word on how to effectively go green – for life!

Be the change – keep moving – keep growing!


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