The Kruger National Park is the premier self-drive safari destination in South Africa. Boasting of an unbeatable variety of wildlife habitats and wide-open spaces. The drive will enable you to discover what lies in the park, at your own leisure. If you do need a car for your trip, then consider car hire in South Africa.

Plan your day around bush-time

Wild animals indulge in different activities early in the morning, during the day, late afternoon and at night. In order to maximize your time during a self-drive, schedule your drive either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the most active periods for the birds and animals.

Master all the get-out points

The Kruger National Park has a variety of get-out points and has been designed in such a way to encourage safety of the visitors. These points need to be adhered to. Listen to the sounds of the bush, feel the temperature or appreciate the landscape. Either way, you will be able to break up the time spent in your vehicle and get acclimatised to the surroundings.

Drive slowly

Needless to say, the uncontested truth about enjoying Kruger is driving slowly. The slower you drive, the more you will see. There are many rewarding moments during your drive. Drive at a moderately slow pace in order to see how wildlife blends naturally into the environment.

Choose the right vehicle

The most comfortable vehicle is undoubtedly one that will coast over the park’s gravel roads and soar through the bumps. Although you can drive around Kruger in a car of any size, one that is slightly larger will make you feel more confident and comfortable when driving past wildlife. If you do not have your own vehicle, there are many available car rentals in South Africa.

Respect animals

All animals have the right of way. Therefore, when they are crossing from one side to another, patiently wait for them to pass. Remember, larger animals like elephants can be unpredictable and dangerous. During your self-drive, learn how to approach them. If you respect the animals, they will certainly respect you.

Use rest camps as learning centers

Kruger National Park holds a wealth of information at its rest camps. You will be able to learn about various archival displays and the environment. Even as you drive, use these camps as sightings that will help you plan your route in the direction of an observed kill.

Remember, Kruger has cool, dry winters and very hot, wet summers. The best time for a game viewing self-drive may be during winter months. At this time, many animals are in the search for water. As such, you will get greater viewing opportunities. This is a one-of-a-kind park that offers exceptional driving safaris.

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